How To Beat The Post-Concert Blues

How To Beat The Post-Concert Blues

A guide for how to come back from an unforgettable night


Image: The Wombats Concert. Sana Mohsin / THE MIKE

So you’ve just experienced one of the best nights of your life and you don’t know what to do. You’re watching concert clips in your dorm room, trying your best not to cry because it’s over. But don’t worry, as someone who is suffering through the same situation (any The Wombats fans reading this?) I have the solutions for you! Here are the best ways for you to beat those heartbreaking post-concert blues.

Realize That it’s Completely Normal

You were in the same space as one of your favourite bands, essentially breathing the same air as them. After years of looking at them through a computer screen you have seen them in the flesh. How could you not be sad after such an event?

Stop Looking at the Hundreds of Concert Videos and Pictures You Took

At least, for a little while. I know that the songs are still playing somewhere inside your heart and you want to be able to relive those special moments, but why torture yourself like that? Lock up your phone! Alternatively, you can watch the videos and listen to the albums so many times that at the end of the day you’re absolutely sick of it all. Just make sure you don’t get any complaints from your roommate!

Distract Yourself

Call up your best friend and make new plans. You don’t want to dwell on your feelings in solitude for too long. Plan a study date at Robarts, go on a Popeyes run, discover a new cafe on Yonge Street — anything! If desperate, force someone else to listen to your favourite songs from the show and make them feel what you’re feeling.

Buy More Concert Tickets

This is great for you, as you will be experiencing the euphoria of a live show again, but it will be pretty bad for your bank account, which will have to bear the burden of your purchases. Try checking out small performances around campus or attend one of the orchestra performances put on by the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto.

The period after a concert ends absolutely sucks, but I am willing to do it again and again just for the experience. So, whether you fear the post-concert blues or not, there’s no other adventure like a concert. Treat yourself after that tough midterm, or finally finishing that never-ending essay and book those show tickets!