Students of St. Mike’s — V7.0

Students of St. Mike’s — V7.0

Angelo Serrentino


Photo: Pran Sathiy / THE MIKE.


Angelo Serrentino is a fourth-year specialist in Renaissance Studies with a double minor in History and Italian Studies. He is also a University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) Commuter Don. He intends to graduate this June.

Full disclosure: Angelo has served as The Mike’s de facto 2017–18 Chief Returning Officer (CRO), in what is soon to be four separate elections and by-elections. He has proven invaluable in assisting the expansion of our masthead from 13 to 30.


What are your plans after graduating?

Always in motion is the future…

— Jedi Master Yoda, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Angelo (A): After graduation, I hope to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Policy or History, ideally at the University of Toronto (U of T). Law School is also not off the table by any means. In other words, we’ll see! I do think that, generally, an inordinate amount of stress and fear are generated by the question of post-graduation plans. It is certainly wise to have a blueprint of your future laid out, but this blueprint must always be adaptable in order to weather change. I know I would like to be a career politician, but I’m flexible as to how I choose to pursue this goal.


What sort of advice would you give to first-year students on how to “figure it all out”?

A: To reiterate, it’s certainly crucial to have some sort of blueprint to where you would like to end up after your university career, but my advice would be to not stress about this too much. I strongly recommend getting involved at St. Mike’s in any capacity — whether this be as a Commuter Don or as a member of The Mike. Channel your skills, whatever they may be, into work that will benefit both current and future students at St. Mike’s, and be sure to have fun while doing so. But also, be flexible in how you set out to achieve your goals, and remember to take the time to take care of yourself.


How have you contributed to the community and in what capacities? What keeps you motivated to contribute to the interests of USMC?

A: As a St. Mike’s student, I have strived to be an active member of our community. In my second and third years, I participated in Orientation as a Leader and Marshal respectively, both of which were phenomenal experiences. The highlight of my co-curricular experience at St. Mike’s however has been in my role this year as a Commuter Don, which has allowed me to give back to a community that has given so much to me. Shout out to my fellow USMC Commuter Dons Allie, Emma, and Raph, who have offered me their unconditional support throughout this year! My peers and friends — like Allie, Emma, and Raph — all motivate me to contribute to student life at our College. It’s so important that we all work toward the betterment of our College for future generations of students to enjoy.


What’s your favourite food? (It tells a lot about a person.)

A: My Nonna’s lasagna! Without a doubt. In close second is a tall glass of blue Bantha milk; so refreshing!