President Mulroney Releases Annual Report

"Perhaps the most tumultuous and divisive period of Mulroney’s tenure thus far contained his handling of the various 2016–17 SMCSU scandals. This period included both scandals that occurred in late 2016 and involved the then present SMCSU administration, as well as USMC’s choice to only partially disclose the results of an investigation into the SMCSU’s gross financial mismanagement and poor governance dating back over the previous decade."

SMCSU In Review

"These policy changes have brought to the fore concerns that the autonomy of USMC student societies, including SMCSU, will be compromised, concerns that USMC officials have, in the eyes of many USMC students, thus far been unable to quell. With these questions of organizational autonomy come related questions of organizational secularity."

USMC Unveils New Student Leadership Policy

"These societies include The Mike, SMCSU, St. Mike’s Residence Council (SMRC), and academic groups of USMC-sponsored programs... The next section also reminds groups and student leaders that USMC is what gives such groups status. It declares that students must accept an obligation to follow the mission of the school and an obligation to the academic and spiritual life of its students."

Brennan Renovations: What You Need to Know

"The preliminary parts of the project will start as soon as fall 2017. This phase will include “preparation of space for Registrarial Services.” Phase Two will begin in late spring of 2018, and will include the bulk of the physical renovations. The Coop and the surrounding offices will undergo renovation at this time."

U of T to Ban Smoking

"Many of the St. George Campus buildings are right in the heart of downtown Toronto, and create significant pedestrian traffic outside of students, faculty, and staff. The plans are further complicated by the fact that many public roads and sidewalks run through the St. George campus, and these areas many not be under the jurisdiction of U of T campus policy."

USMC Faculty, Staff Write Open Letter to President Mulroney In Defense of USMC Students

"University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) President David Mulroney’s recent comments at an international conference in Québec City have sparked controversy and prompted a number of USMC faculty members and staff to sign an open letter earlier this week accusing Mulroney of doing a disservice to USMC students, dishonouring USMC’s legacy, and shaking their confidence in him as President."