Need to Know: SMCSU 2018–19

“While last year’s council ran into some problems that are to be expected following scandal, including a lack of interest in many executive positions, SMCSU was effectively able to hold campus events, introduce new committees and commissions, and fund USMC clubs in a transparent and scandal-free manner.”

Original Prin with Familiar Faces

“Original Prin takes a satirical perspective on modern Canadian life but also aspires to unpack the difficulty of navigating the demands of faith, family, work, and temptation in a secular world.”

Major Change in U of T Mental Health Policy

Fall 2018 marks the beginning of a full school year under the University of Toronto’s (U of T) new mandatory leave of absence policy. As such, it is necessary to explore what this policy is, and the controversial 18-month journey it took to become a reality.

U of T Professors Enact Laptop Ban

A number of questions raised regarding the no-electronics approach include how it may impede learning, the ramifications for accessibility, and if in truth it will facilitate a superior environment for learning.

Ford’s First 100 Days

Compared to its predecessor last year — which discussed Trudeau hitting the halfway mark of his term — this debate was much livelier and had more diversity on stage, both of identity and of opinion.

SMCSU Election Results Released

"306 of approximately 5,000 eligible University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) student voters participated during the April 4–14 voting period. Kate Strazds was elected SMCSU President with 171 votes and Joey Gratkowski was elected Vice-President (VP) with 185 votes."

UTSU Election Results Released

"Compass swept all executive positions. 12,734 of the 50,405 students eligible to vote did — qualifying as 25.3 per cent turnout. In nearly every race, the majority of votes were abstentions. President-elect Anne Boucher received 2,376 votes, defeating her opponent, Michelle Mabira, who earned 1,191. (9,167 voters abstained, 72 per cent of those who voted.)"

U-Pass Referendum Fails

"If the U-Pass referendum had passed, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) would have installed a universal transit pass for UTSG students, at a cost of $280 per semester. The UTSU’s Board of Directors would also have been permitted to increase this fee by up to five percent yearly, in order to cover rising administrative and transit costs."

U of T Releases 2018–19 Budget

"The total budgeted operating revenue for the 2018–19 fiscal year is predicted to be 8.2% higher than that of the previous year. Of this figure, 87% of this budget is derived from provincial operating grants as well as tuition and other student fees. Federal funding is rarely included in this budget."

SMCSU Holds 2018–19 All-Candidates Forum

"The forum was held from 4:30–6:00 p.m. on March 28 in Brennan Hall’s Coop, and participants included candidates for the nine members of SMCSU: President, Vice-President (VP), VP Finance, VP Academics, VP Community Life, VP Communications, VP Athletics, VP Arts, and VP Religious and Community Affairs (RCA)."

2017–18 SMCSU Executive Holds AGM

"SMCSU’s total revenue for this year equaled $154,842.43 while its total expenses came out to $107,300. SMCSU revenue is made up of carryover of unallocated funds from the previous year, the funds currently in the SMCSU savings account, and the annual levy it collects from all USMC students ($14 per semester, $28 per year)."

Queen’s Park Renovations Enter Phase One

"This plan, which began to take form in 2014, is to renovate and revitalize the historic park. Construction of phase one will be underway until October 2018, while phase two will begin in 2019. The plan includes a complete remapping of the walkways in Queen’s Park in an attempt to improve their structure. There will also be a paved walkway added around the perimeter of the park to replace the current path in order to create an easier and more accessible pathway for runners."

Cardinal Robert Sarah Visits USMC

"The lecture itself was delivered to over 1,200 people, which included those in attendance as well as those who livestreamed the event. It focused on the importance of silence in the cultivation of our identities, vocation, and dignity. “It is only when we turn away from the noise of the world and of our own hearts and turn to silence that we can truly come to know ourselves and God,” said Sarah."

“Why Do We Strike?” Event Highlights Struggles of TAs and CIs

"In February, CUPE 3092 narrowly secured a deal for Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Course Instructors (CIs) at U of T just in time to avert a strike. At George Brown, OPSEU Local 556 just emerged from a battle to protect their faculty. And at York University, CUPE 3903 is currently striking in pursuit of a fair deal for its workers."

A Guide to Your 2018–19 SMCSU Candidates (Part 2)

"Since keeping up with SMCSU can be overwhelming, we've created the following guide to your 2018–19 candidates. With this, we hope to give all of you University of St. Michael's College (USMC) students a better idea of what you can expect and hope for from each. Check out all your candidates for VP Academic Affairs, Arts, Athletics, Communications, and Religious and Community Affairs (RCA) below and make an informed decision."

A Guide to Your 2018–19 SMCSU Candidates (Part 1)

"Since keeping up with SMCSU can be overwhelming, we've created the following guide to your 2018–19 candidates. With this, we hope to give all of you University of St. Michael's College (USMC) students a better idea of what you can expect and hope for from each. Check out all your candidates for President, VP, and VP Finance below and make an informed decision."

David Sylvester Appointed New USMC President

"On March 1, 2018, Dr. David Sylvester was appointed the eighth President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of St. Michael’s College (USMC). Sylvester will take office August 1, 2018 and serve for a five-year term. He will succeed current USMC President and Vice-Chancellor David Mulroney, who completes his three-year term in July."