Young, Gifted, and Black

With this bittersweet lament, Canadian artist Nicky Lawrence commenced her act titled “The Ugly Black Woman: Reflections in Song and Discussion” that took place in Hart House on Friday, February 1.

Glass Half Full

Glass becomes an excellently crafted feature that delivers on almost all fronts: the visuals, performances, musical score, and of course, the trademark Shyamalan twist ending.

The Year in Music: 2018 Wrapped

2018 was a blockbuster year for musical releases, and though songs fade in and out of vogue, this time capsule of the year’s best releases will ensure that you remember some favourites, as well as discover new ones.  

How Film Reflects Our Fatigue

Film has a certain power of universal expression, and the tiredness and discontent that seems to be baked into our collective cake has not gone unnoticed by three of the period’s finest filmmakers.

Being Our Best Selves

Michelle Obama’s latest memoir Becoming is definitely worth adding to your 2019 booklist, as it will help you realize your path and boost your personal growth in the new year.  

Five Movies to Watch this Winter Break

Whether you’re spending a cold winter’s day in the city, celebrating Christmas by the beach, or studying for your exams, enjoying a good movie this break will surely add happiness, laughter, and magic to your holiday celebration.