Paper Trail

"Perhaps it was just a bad haul? Surely, the used-book supply, like any other yearly yield, must see its ups and downs. But I suspect the operation of a far less innocuous cause."

Coffee House Helps the Homeless

"With a little over 3 weeks of planning, preparation and organization, Cards4Humanity and Pair-a-Dice’s amazing club members created a remarkable event that connected different people for a good cause."

Hedwig Takes Hart House

"Born a male resident of East Berlin, Hedwig’s escape was effected by a marriage with an American soldier who required a sex change. With that operation botched and Hedwig’s gender identity thrown into confusion, she reinvents herself as a rock star while searching for a theoretical alter ego who she hopes will complete her. As Hedwig’s put-upon husband Yitzhak (Lauren Mayer) bluntly instructs us, the star is not to be touched — unless she explicitly invites us to do so. Indeed, the show invites us to “touch” Hedwig, to empathize with an individual whose life story could hardly be more salacious, grotesque, and ultimately worthy of our attention."

Old vs. New: Unlikely Concert Audiences

Compared to the lively, mosh-pit filled concerts with a younger age group, the Us + Them tour was a relaxing, thought-provoking, and exhilarating experience for the audience.                                                                   

At Home with Monsters

Central to del Toro’s philosophy is that: the seed of the soul is free choice. “What makes us human is that we can choose, whereas insects are hardwired. What is beautiful about humanity is that we can choose to be heroes or villains,” he explains.

Melting Clocks in Toronto!

"As it is conveyed through the artistic interpretation, Dali’s natural use of symbolism is embodied in the sculpted image of the melting clock to portray the intertwining connection between humans and time."

Family History, In Pictures

"The stated aim of the exhibit is to 'discover the connections between family, photography, and migration and bring your idea of family into focus,' and indeed, this exhibit combines imagery from multitudes of families to create a theme of the importance of familial heritage and identity."

Tragedy Breeds Hope

"What is deeply troubling about the death of nine blue whales is it represents three percent of the entire blue whale population, thus it is important to acknowledge that the exhibit treats the whales with respect. Their deaths, while tragic, provide a rare opportunity to study blue whales which offer conservation efforts more information on how to best help the giant mammals."

Democratic Absurdity

"Beckett’s frankly intimidating short plays seem much easier to handle if your comrades are at your side, ready to cover your mistakes or divide your part into several. A cast of 12 actors is a formidable team, and it’s better to stage the plays in an accessible way than not stage them at all. After all, this is but amateur theatre and should be critiqued as such."

Coat of Arms

"The eagle and the green hill are versatile symbols; they are representative of the land and those who gave it to us. In these images we can see the lineage of this land. This land has a history that stretches far beyond the history of the College and the University and to be reminded of that is humbling in the best sense."

The Politics of Highland Dance

"From these early political beginnings, in which Scottish peoples were anxious to hold onto their cultural roots, Highland dance emerged as a fusion of politics and art. The Seann Triubhas is an example of this, as it documents the turbulent times of the British occupation."

Know Your Limits and Ignore them

"One must also admire the energy of the actor who can portray the turgidity, hedonism, paranoia, and general ridiculous diversity of these characters. The entire cast, with the exception of Haight who never left the stage, played two equally outrageous characters each."

Inside St. Mikes

"Places of worship have always been centres for artistic expression and larger-than-life celebrations of godly figures, and St. Basil’s is no exception. Within U of T’s St. Michael’s College, we have our very own concentration of stained-glass beauty, open to the public. Regardless of a viewer’s religious affiliation, these windows are worth a glance, and they are best seen from inside, where the light can truly illuminate their heavenly tales."

Fiction: "Dreamland"

"It sounded so lovely when she said it, I could almost get how she believed it. But how did she not see that infatuation and romantic comedies were the base of her relationship, that she was closing herself off from people she hadn’t met yet, lives she hadn’t lived?"