Melting Clocks in Toronto!

"As it is conveyed through the artistic interpretation, Dali’s natural use of symbolism is embodied in the sculpted image of the melting clock to portray the intertwining connection between humans and time.

Family History, In Pictures

"The stated aim of the exhibit is to 'discover the connections between family, photography, and migration and bring your idea of family into focus,' and indeed, this exhibit combines imagery from multitudes of families to create a theme of the importance of familial heritage and identity."

Tragedy Breeds Hope

"What is deeply troubling about the death of nine blue whales is it represents three percent of the entire blue whale population, thus it is important to acknowledge that the exhibit treats the whales with respect. Their deaths, while tragic, provide a rare opportunity to study blue whales which offer conservation efforts more information on how to best help the giant mammals."

Democratic Absurdity

"Beckett’s frankly intimidating short plays seem much easier to handle if your comrades are at your side, ready to cover your mistakes or divide your part into several. A cast of 12 actors is a formidable team, and it’s better to stage the plays in an accessible way than not stage them at all. After all, this is but amateur theatre and should be critiqued as such."

Coat of Arms

"The eagle and the green hill are versatile symbols; they are representative of the land and those who gave it to us. In these images we can see the lineage of this land. This land has a history that stretches far beyond the history of the College and the University and to be reminded of that is humbling in the best sense."

The Politics of Highland Dance

"From these early political beginnings, in which Scottish peoples were anxious to hold onto their cultural roots, Highland dance emerged as a fusion of politics and art. The Seann Triubhas is an example of this, as it documents the turbulent times of the British occupation."

Know Your Limits and Ignore them

"One must also admire the energy of the actor who can portray the turgidity, hedonism, paranoia, and general ridiculous diversity of these characters. The entire cast, with the exception of Haight who never left the stage, played two equally outrageous characters each."

Inside St. Mikes

"Places of worship have always been centres for artistic expression and larger-than-life celebrations of godly figures, and St. Basil’s is no exception. Within U of T’s St. Michael’s College, we have our very own concentration of stained-glass beauty, open to the public. Regardless of a viewer’s religious affiliation, these windows are worth a glance, and they are best seen from inside, where the light can truly illuminate their heavenly tales."

Fiction: "Dreamland"

"It sounded so lovely when she said it, I could almost get how she believed it. But how did she not see that infatuation and romantic comedies were the base of her relationship, that she was closing herself off from people she hadn’t met yet, lives she hadn’t lived?"

"The Chosen Maiden"

"By means of Stachniak’s refined prose, readers fly between the worlds of early 20th century St. Petersburg, Kiev, London, and Paris, exploring each city's respective world of emerging modern art. It is in these international centres that she interacts with legends such as Anna Pavlova, Coco Chanel, Serge Diaghilev and Pablo Picasso, and from them Bronia must emerge victorious as a dancer, mother, and revolutionary in a perilous world that seeks her downfall."

Uncovering Nature at the ROM 

"In the foreground, a single hyena stands and looks directly at the camera while, in the background, entrails and mud mix together to create a gory masterpiece. The colours are dark and subdued, and the image is oddly beautiful despite the violence. It is no wonder this photograph won in the mammal category: displaying the grotesque side of nature is difficult to do in such a lovely way."

Bringing Light Into Darkness

"Winter is long and dreary, and feelings of isolation often become particularly poignant during this time. If the overall theme is the global experience of darkness, then the overall tone of the festival, which features exhibits such as “Bands of Friendship,” “The Uniting Lightstar,” and “Our House,” suggest that the way to disrupt darkness is through the communal experience of art."

The Art of War

"These signs highlight the absurd shift in positions from reasonable anti-Trump views expressed before the election to the post-election detrimental complacency of many of Trump’s cabinet and Republican party members. These signs are not “ha-ha” funny. We laugh because they reflect a disappointing and utterly ridiculous situation. We laugh because that’s all we can do when something is simultaneously this silly and distressing."

Janusz Zaorski's "Generations" (Pokolenia)

"Another of these connections was brought up by U of T Professor Tamara Trojanowska at the post-film discussion. She saw Generations as a “cultural history of love,” in the way that the film dealt with and presented snippets of male/female relationships.  This is evident through the various scenes of love,  embrace,  and carnal relationships presented all along different film scenes."

Trials in Travels

"Each installation is presented on three screens—a form that complements the content of the installations. Julien plays with the audience’s attention in the multi-screen medium by overwhelming and dividing it, which challenges the observer to literally widen their perspective when considering the human experience.

Blood, Broken Bones, Telekinesis: That Song and Dance

"True to the horror of the original, choreographer Amanda Nuttall imbued the production with moments of discomfort and general creepiness. At one point, the cast ceased bullying the overwhelmed Carrie and, in perfect unison, turned their heads to face the audience. The sudden complicity I felt in their evil act sent a chill down my spine."