Mirvish Productions Speaks for the Trees

"The stage adaptation of the classic Dr. Seuss story stays true to its origins. The witty rhymes and the liveliness of the Lorax were truly commendable. While they didn’t venture into the Truffula forests of Toronto and find a real Lorax to play the part, the three puppeteers that maneuvered every action, David Ricardo-Pearce, Laura Caldow and Romina Hytten, brought the character to life."

1692 Meets 2018 at Hart House Theatre

"The Crucible dramatizes the 1692 wave of accusations, arrests, and executions surrounding the crime of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. It focuses on several girls of the Puritan community who are discovered dancing in the woods at midnight. As this impropriety is discussed and one of the girls faints due to shock, the jealousies and superstitions of various townspeople manifest as a fear of the Devil."

The Sublimity of Nature Captured

"Lewis Blackwell, Chair of the jury, explained, “What these images achieve is up to you. You may pick up a camera. You may travel. You may have a mission.” With this advice, I wandered through the exhibit and admired each image as a way to provide clarity in a world of obscurity."

Where the Highway Ends, Adventure Begins

"The east side of the bay is a rugged peninsula covered in trees and framed by the massive coastal mountains far in the distance on the other side of Queen Charlotte Sound. It is a beautiful place haunted by the shrouds of mist that are omnipresent on the west coast in winter."

Hard Work and Dedication Shown in a Traditional Ballet 

"The Nutcracker is symbolic of the various rites of passage that a dancer at The National Ballet of Canada experiences throughout their career. In Act II, the little lambs are children from The National Ballet School under the age of seven. The children in the opening act are grade six to eight students at The National Ballet School that participate every year."

The End of a War, The Dawn of a Revolution

"Though some may be inclined to dismiss Dior’s vision as retrogressive in that he redrew the lines of femininity, Dior himself explained that: “All around us, life was beginning anew; it was time for a new trend for fashion. The war was over... What did the weight of his sumptuous materials, his heavy velvets, and brocades matter? When hearts were light, mere fabrics could not weigh the body down.”"

Top Albums of 2017

"2018 is just around the corner, which means it's time to recap this year’s best albums. 2017 has been a year of defined new voices, fresh sounds and powerful records."

A New Look at the Brazen Age

"As a method of combing both beliefs, jewellery ornamentation and rune stones combined Norse and Christian symbols. This integration suggested a harmonious balance between the new religion and the Old Norse practices."

The Seasons Are Changing, Your Wardrobe Should Too!

"One day, when you are rushing through Queen’s Park, stop and take a look at the colors you see. These are going to be the colors of your fall and winter wardrobe. Subdued but rich colors like olive, burgundy, burnt orange, shades of brown, beige, and grey are going to be the colors of choice."

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time: A True Review of the Heart

"Overall, my biggest critique of the play was that after Christopher finds his way, independently to London, the play is guilty of holding low expectations of people with disabilities, evident by the manner in which Christopher’s victory is presented as utterly miraculous. As Stella Young argues in her TED talk, we should strive to live in a world that believes people with disabilities can accomplish great things in life."

A Very Nice Beginning

"As comfort counselor Mitch Mahoney, also played by Betz, remarks when faced with the revolting kids, “Pain has degrees.” The learning process to achieve that perspective involves some appropriate growing pains. Every aspect of this production perfectly reflects the shiny, polished awkwardness that characterizes both spelling bees and musical theatre."

Paper Trail

"Perhaps it was just a bad haul? Surely, the used-book supply, like any other yearly yield, must see its ups and downs. But I suspect the operation of a far less innocuous cause."

Coffee House Helps the Homeless

"With a little over 3 weeks of planning, preparation and organization, Cards4Humanity and Pair-a-Dice’s amazing club members created a remarkable event that connected different people for a good cause."