Being Our Best Selves

Michelle Obama’s latest memoir Becoming is definitely worth adding to your 2019 booklist, as it will help you realize your path and boost your personal growth in the new year.  

Five Movies to Watch this Winter Break

Whether you’re spending a cold winter’s day in the city, celebrating Christmas by the beach, or studying for your exams, enjoying a good movie this break will surely add happiness, laughter, and magic to your holiday celebration.

The Rex: Where Jazz Lives

“There are groups clustered around the bar, solo patrons enjoying a drink and mingling, eyes dancing over the crowd — but, most of all, people are listening to the jazz.”  

Shades: Exploring Shadeism through Dance

“A tactile, almost sensual, performance, Shades conveys a desperation for community and intimacy through the unusual medium of dance, using hardly more than sheer body language to examine powerful themes of prejudice and healing.”

Storytelling as an Art

“In its 12th year, Nuit Blanche showcased three special projects, 12 major institution art projects, and 37 independent projects. The three major city-produced exhibitions were “STYLL,” “Dream Time: We All Have Stories,” and “The things they carried,” curated by Alyssa Fearon, Karen Alexander, and Tairone Bastien, respectively.”