Christmas Movie Staples

Christmas Movie Staples

Photo Credit: Disney+

Animated Christmas movies to share with those you love

Julliana Santos, The Mike Copy-Editor

While we may not be able to gather around a fireplace or potluck feast this Christmas, one tradition persists in all its shared-experience-glory: Christmas Movies. Specifically, animated ones – where the magic of the Holidays translates fluently. Here are five animated Christmas movies that take the top spot on the list:

Klaus (2019)  – This movie is just magical to look at. I watched it with a few friends last year (It’s still on Netflix this year!) and we were all blown away by the combination of 2D and 3D techniques used. The story deals with friendship, integrity, and the meaning of “doing good,” as Jesper (a postman) navigates the new town he has been assigned to. One line that I still remember is, “ a true selfless act always sparks another.” 

Arthur Christmas (2011) – This movie is on Netflix too! My family has watched it every Christmas for four years now. It deals with identity, optimism, and family (in all its chaotic glory). The wit of this movie shines through as it depicts Christmas traditions in a relevant yet subversive way (see: The Elves spy-scene). 

The Polar Express (2004) – This is a movie I feel a lot of people remember as being uncanny yet a staple of their childhood. The animation is a bit dated, leaning on the mix of 3D and motion-capture technology, but the essence of the movie, of wonder and honesty, still rings through. This movie is on Criterion on Demand so it’s accessible to any UofT student – make sure you have a cup of hot chocolate when you watch it!

Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) For those of you who (rightfully!) hold on to the spookiness of Halloween, this movie allows for a perfect blend of the two holidays. It’s in stop-motion too so the visuals lend to the blending beautifully.

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) – This movie is a classic. Whether you’ve grown up knowing the Peanuts gang or if this is the first time you’ve heard of them – I’d recommend this movie. While the animation is more old-fashioned, the movie’s clever insights and iconic characters, add to its timeless charm.