Why Study Religion?

Any conclusion about what religion is will doubtlessly lead to some people’s beliefs being left out and others being included. Still, a number of scholars from varied backgrounds have thrown themselves at this conundrum, and their results are as enlightening as they are difficult to accept. 

The Gilson Seminar

These students, although tired, know that they are at the start of something special, as they

make up the inaugural class of the Gilson Seminar.


"However, doesn’t everyone assert that about every new place? Isn’t every location on campus safe and welcoming? What’s so different about it? And, for heaven’s sake, where is it and what is it called?"

The "Logos" Section

"I believe that, in order for this newspaper to give to the students, it must first connect with the students. That being said, making the new name of this section “Logos” is a definite step in doing just that."

The Radical Call to Serve

"After my Guatemala experience, my reaction to any related circumstance is more instinctual than anything. Gender, age, culture or creed doesn’t matter in such a moment; it is purely an innate expression of the kindness which each one of us inhabits."

The Spring Equinox

It is thanks to the multiculturalism that Canadians pride themselves in that our society has evolved to borrow customs from many different cultures, forming a most unique and inclusive Canadian experience for all. So next time a special day comes up in your culture or in your friends’ cultures, look with interest into how it came to be, and into the inherent traits of religion (or lack thereof) that influenced it, and into how it continues to be celebrated, and why.

As We Move Through Life

"Sometimes how we view hard situations determines the results of them. Trust that even through difficult situations you can come out appreciating life more and receive a new perspective. Not every negative situation has to have a negative outcome, and how we respond to harsh times predicts our future."

Your Parents' Beliefs Versus Your Own

I go to church every Sunday, and I believe in God. Except I’d like to think that I’m different. There are things that I believe are Biblically true, and I don’t condone. There are also things I don’t understand. But all in all, I try my best to be a kind person, even if I don’t condone or understand other’s actions or beliefs. 

Potluck of Faith

I grew up in a society where people were divided into two distinct groups: the Muslims and the Christians. My parents’ Identity Cards read “Muslim,” while their best friends’ read “Christian.” In school, we were all in the same classroom the entire day, unless it was religion, when some people had to leave because their lessons were in a different room. That was as far as our differences went. Our God was the same, our country was the same, and our families were one. 

Believe in Humanity

But the world is full of colours. And I see the people who protest. I see the people who protest in the streets, the people outside government buildings, the White House, the Parliament buildings all over the world, regardless of their own backgrounds, religions, beliefs, colours, and identities.

The Unfailing Promises of God

"In the most horrid of situations, whether in your personal life or in a distant country, it can feel like there is no hope. It can feel like there is no God and it can feel like there is no end to this tunnel, and that life will be just full of darkness with no light to overcome it."

God's in Control

"Most of the time we are victims of our own thoughts – giving in to pressure and stress, and feeling as though we just aren’t good enough to make it through this rough season. It’s difficult to remind ourselves to think positively, to remember that great things lay ahead and that God cares about our struggles."  

Just A Little More 

"This season isn't just about the colourful decorations, the pretty lights, or the warm peppermint flavoured drinks. I think there's something each of us could do to bring a change this year. In this season, there’s a truth I’ve come to know: this time of year is about giving. "  

"By participating in Christmas activities like ‘Secret Santa,’ attending Christmas parties at work and school and participating in charity work like clothing drives or soup kitchens, we are taking a proactive step toward community building."