Fall-Ing In Love With This Season’s Fashion Trends

Fall-Ing In Love With This Season’s Fashion Trends

Photo Credit: Timothy Wolff via Unsplash

Step into this new season in style

Lana Kamal, Lifestyle Editor

This time of year, in my opinion, is always the most confusing because of the inconsistent weather. You could start the day with the weather being chilly, mid-way being hot, and at the end cold once more. There are moments when I would leave the house checking the weather network and the second I would step outside the weather would not feel like what the app had just told me. This is probably because fall is the in-between for 2 extremes: summer, and winter. So, fortunately, I have graciously come up with some fun and comfy fall outfit ideas that may save you time and frustration in the morning. 

  1. Yoga pants outfit: This outfit includes your average yoga pants paired with a simple hoodie or crew neck and a puffer vest overtop. The hoodie plus the puffer vest make for a good combination, especially in chilly but not too cold weather. It’s not only comfy but so easy to throw on before you head over to your lecture or whatever plans you have for that day, which is why it’s my favorite. You can never go wrong with the simple classics. 
  2. Leather on leather: I don’t know about you but fall is not falling without leather. This outfit includes leather pants with a leather jacket paired with any long sleeve or sweater underneath. Also if you’re looking for a great pair of leather pants you should check out Blue Notes which has them for around $15. 
  3. Colorful pants outfit: Sometimes moving from the bright colors of summer to neutrals of fall can be a little gloomy. That’s why I went ahead and bought lavender wide-leg pants. These make for such a cute option as they are not only comfy but a perfect color to include in your fall wardrobe. I would pair it with a black or white sweater. Also if you’re feeling more colorful I would pair it with a green top, as purple and green complement each other so well!
  4. School girl outfit: This outfit idea definitely gives off Gossip Girl vibes. It includes a pleated skirt worn with a white button-down and a leather blazer overtop. This could also be worn with loafers or boots, showing off some white socks. This idea is great for a warmer fall day as opposed to colder days. 
  5. Faux fur collar top outfit: As we reach the end portion of 2022, the 2000s fashion trends are still at their peak. This outfit includes the top with a faux fur collar (inspired by Y2K) and is paired with a black skirt, stockings, and some high boots. This definitely makes a great outfit for an outing with friends. Plus it can be styled with any coat or puffer in case it gets cold, and since we are in Canada I am betting it will.