The 2018 Mindset

The 2018 mindset is as obvious as breathing, but also as disregarded as that first breath you took the morning of January 1st. 

A Spin on New Year’s Resolutions

It’s not very often that we're able to follow through on the resolutions that they proposed for themselves at the beginning of a new year. Creating to-do lists enable us to be more organized and, consequently, more likely to be successful with achieving those resolutions over a longer period of time."

So, I had to spend my break here. To say I was scared is an understatement at best. Not only was I alone, but I was also about to experience snow/winter for the first time. In my life. Ever. Exciting, right? 

Students of St. Mike’s — V3.0

"Her readers find it easy to empathize and put themselves inside Chanell’s own narratives. In the process, they naturally become part of a two-pronged initiative geared toward the continued empowerment of women, one that ultimately allows Chanell to promote and facilitate discussion in new and effective ways."

Double Blue Forever: The Basilian Tradition

“There’s great value going into a college like St. Mike’s that has a really strong sense of community, camaraderie, and the sense of other as being important. The sense that they’re supported by not only professors, the student services, but other students. There’s a nice sense of community and that people are working with each other and not going through this alone.”

Faith in the Process

"November 27, I spoke with University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) President and Vice- Chancellor David Mulroney in his office in Founders House. Our conversation touched on the past, the present, and the future of St. Mike’s. It gave Mulroney the chance to present his version of USMC and how he views his term, and gave me the opportunity to ask him some of the more pressing questions on the minds of USMC students today."

Students of St. Mike’s — V2.0

"It pretty much went from a hobby to something we started taking a bit more seriously. What started out as "ooh, this could be a fun Top 10 to do," or, "we all just saw this movie so let’s write about it," to actually discussing when things so should go up, how to capitalize on what’s popular right now, and more. We became more serious about uploading when we saw the kind of views we were getting."

Don’t Lose Your Cool

"From sun up to sun down, it can consume you — if you let it. There is a common meme that states, 'Diamonds are made under pressure,' but the connotation is usually sarcastic."

Reel Talk: Sweet Virginia

"So, when host Norm Wilner announced that we’d be watching a neo-noir Americana film, my first thought was that it was a questionable choice for a Sunday morning. My doubts were set aside five minutes into the film, Sweet Virginia."

No Fixed Address, No Easy Solution

"5,253 are either sleeping on the streets or in shelters, with almost 500 sleeping on the streets on any given night according to the 2013 “Street Needs Assessment.” 33% of these “outdoor homeless” identify as Aboriginal and 7% of all homeless are veterans of the Canadian military."

Students of St. Mike’s — V1.0

"Second-year neuroscience student at St. Mike’s and lifestyle photographer Ethan Deneault has been on a consistent rise. Using Instagram as his primary outlet to showcase his craft, Ethan has managed to capture our vibrant city through his vision and a different looking glass."

All Characters Are Round

"I remember the days that supporting characters were referred to as, 'That girl/guy. You know, the one who just parties or is there to make the protagonist look good.' Well, those days are gone. Now, supporting characters get eulogies and internet memorials. What happened?"

Spooky Shenanigans at Sorbara

"The hallway was dimly lit by an intense crimson hue. A well accompanied soundtrack was nothing short of unnerving, as sinister music echoed through the halls in attempts to drown out the screams of the attendees."

Another One Bites the Dust

"It seems to me that forgoing the output entirely prioritizes the abuser and not the innocent collaborator or victim. It’s allowing the actions of the perpetrator to dictate your actions."

Getting Lost in the Land of Cheese and Chocolate

"If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re around the age where you can start making, or have been making, your own decisions. Take advantage of that liberty to do whatever is at your disposal. Don’t doubt yourself when you’re deciding whether to take a chance or not.

The Masculinity Mask

"North American society has carved out an image of the quintessential ‘man’ that many of us strive, consciously or unconsciously, to live up to, often at the cost of our own health."