Lucky Strike

The day, March 17, marks a day of celebration, luck, festivities, and did I mention drinking? But all that luck, what does it translate into?

Are You Ready For An Adventure?

If you are unfamiliar with the Mission Impossible franchise do not fear, this movie’s plot line enables it to act almost as a stand-alone film and does not require you to have watched prior films in order to understand the events or their significance. In fact, this movie marked my entrance into the Mission Impossible Fan Club, and remains my favourite despite seeing all six installments, the latest having been released in 2018.

A Trip to Disney On Ice

My friend and I are never ones to pass up an opportunity to sing a Disney song or make a movie reference. So naturally, it was only right that she wanted to see something that she loved and that she knew we would really enjoy as well.

Your 2019 Champions League Roundup

After a disappointing exit last year, and with arguably the greatest of all time on their side, I think it will finally be their season where they are able to bring the trophy back to Spain, but not to Madrid. 

'Tis the Season for Sports

The misconception that winter is that you must stay indoors to escape the cold to hibernate, to gain nothing more than the rising numbers of your scale. Fear not, dear students, for there are much better ways to spend winter if you only allow yourself to try them; there are seasonal, winter-exclusive sports!

What Generation Do You Fall Into?

Each generation has big differences within them, which is why it is not only important to know the years of when the generation starts and finishes, but also the relationship between geography. This explains two things: why we might see different birth years in different places, and why people feel they don’t fit into their cohort.

Bracing Yourself For Final Exams?

To make sure that your efforts have been worthwhile and you get that mark you deserve, let’s take some time today to review our universal first step toward success — your study habits! 

Giving Instead of Receiving?

I would like every individual who reads this article to imagine a person, of any age, who has been through a rough time in their lives and who does not have the means to provide any gifts for others nor do they expect to receive any in turn.