Most Girls, Not an Insult.

“I felt that we’ve been accepting the compliment, ‘You’re not like most girls,’ for a very long time. I have. I feel like there’s been this golden standard or rule that in order to be special you have to be different to other women.”

New Zealand Takes Steps to Recovery After Mass Shooting

In contrast to the United States’ leaders, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has decided after this mass shooting to place a ban on military style guns in the country. Many have compared Arden’s swift decision-making to that of the United States where mass shootings have become commonplace.

Lucky Strike

The day, March 17, marks a day of celebration, luck, festivities, and did I mention drinking? But all that luck, what does it translate into?

Are You Ready For An Adventure?

If you are unfamiliar with the Mission Impossible franchise do not fear, this movie’s plot line enables it to act almost as a stand-alone film and does not require you to have watched prior films in order to understand the events or their significance. In fact, this movie marked my entrance into the Mission Impossible Fan Club, and remains my favourite despite seeing all six installments, the latest having been released in 2018.