The Face(s) of Easter at St. Mike’s

"The city of Toronto, noted well for its vast multiculturalism, finds itself celebrating Easter in numerous different ways, and the students of its university (particularly the students of the University of St. Michael’s College, or USMC) are a reflection of this diversity."

'Tis the Season of Sneezing

"Fall is objectively the superior season, so there goes spring’s chance at the top spot. Summer entails of freedom, so it takes the silver. Winter has Christmas and snow, but it’s cold, so it’ll have to settle for third place."

The Spirit of Spring

"That Sunday, my friend was able to convince me with a promise of coffee on the way. It was also when I realized that this was to be my first ever visit to Toronto’s High Park: such an iconic location that somehow took me 11 years to see with my own eyes."

Seeing Infinity

"The much-anticipated exhibit is here from March 3 to May 27. It is an exhibit worth checking out if you are into seeing art that will allow you to immerse yourself into an installation that gives off a sense of time and space and suggests a cosmic hyper-reality."

Students of St. Mike’s — V7.0

"Channel your skills, whatever they may be, into work that will benefit both current and future students at St. Mike’s, and be sure to have fun while doing so. But also, be flexible in how you set out to achieve your goals, and remember to take the time to take care of yourself."

What Are You Going to Do?

"One thing both the Registrar’s Office and Career Counsellors will tell you is to be positive. You will get to exactly where you need to be, but you must be patient and trust that it is a learning process. One thing that should come first is your happiness and knowing yourself. Alemu tells students to “discover what you have a passion for and know what you are interested in.”"

The Lenten Promise

"This is my fifth year giving up coffee during Lent, so you can imagine on Shrove Tuesday the amount of caffeine that I drank. I wish I could say it gets easier each year, but I find as a university student it's the norm to drink coffee everyday — especially during midterm season and to stay awake and attentive in class."

What We Call Home

"Looking back, I realize that I didn’t utilize the time I got on Family Day properly, and now that I’m in a new city, it’s become clear as to just how much impact my family had on my life. Family is like a safety net that we take for granted. We just assume it’s there because it always has been, but what are we doing to maintain it?"

What is My Clothing Aesthetic?

"If you're not sure what your individual aesthetic is, the easiest way to narrow it down is figuring out your taste. Look at different Instagram pages or Pinterest boards. What appeals to you and what do you like to wear?"

Students of St. Mike’s — V6.0

"My advice to my first-year self would be that you don’t always need to know what your next three steps are. It’s okay to not always have a plan and feel a sense of uncertainty. As long as you set goals for yourself (whether small or large), sometimes the greatest reward is in the spontaneity of how you achieve them, and many times in my experiences, that doesn’t come in having things planned out and in the know."

Graduation 2018

"For anyone in fourth year or higher, thoughts are still toward the future, but in a very different way. We’re all looking toward graduation, and to what will come after that. If you have it figured out, then you probably sit in the minority, as it can be not only difficult for students to figure out their life after university, but downright terrifying."

The Benefits of Going Green

"With so much dietary research taking place over many decades, there have been numerous and sometimes conflicting claims as to what we should be eating to achieve optimal health for ourselves, causing lots of mixed messages and confusion."

Old Man Winter Got You Down?

"A friend of mine from a tropical country has experienced low spirits throughout the season since she came to Toronto, but you would think she were a true northerner by the way she braves and embraces the cold! Maybe you were born here, but winter still gets you down? How can we enjoy the Canadian winter when it dominates half of the year? There are many ways, my friend."

Students of St. Mike’s — V5.0

"I am the founder and President of USMC’s first environmental club. Our mission and our vision is first to re-evaluate and address the way we look at environmental initiatives within our college and then to promote outreach throughout campus. We are just getting started, and many members of our executive team comprise of a core group of students who already make a plethora of contributions toward and within the USMC community."

Students of St. Mike's — V4.0

"What inspired me was really the people in the community. I’ve never experienced such a welcoming community before in my life. In high school I was a very shy person with low self-confidence so I didn’t put myself out as much in fear of being rejected. Seeing the people who were involved in this community made me want to be involved."

The 2018 Mindset

"Through converting your goals into affirmations, such as “I am hardworking” rather than “I will be hardworking”, they will eventually transform into the mindset that you want to live by. Make the 2018 mindset a reminder of being fully active with your goals whether they range from adapting a proper sleep schedule to stepping foot outside of your comfort zone."

A Spin on New Year’s Resolutions

"It’s not very often that we're able to follow through on the resolutions that they proposed for themselves at the beginning of a new year. Creating to-do lists enable us to be more organized and, consequently, more likely to be successful with achieving those resolutions over a longer period of time."