Radical Trust

By unmasking the perception of yourself, you allow another the opportunity to prove their unconditional love for you, especially when they choose to love what is imperfect.

The ‘Throwaway’ Season Begins

Sadly, by early morning on New Year’s Day, the mirth of Christmas has already disappeared and most holiday virtues have been tossed to the curb along with the Christmas tree — thrown away like the crumbled-up boxes and packages that held such anticipation, wonder, and joy only days before.

Special Graces Granted at the Marian Shrine of Gratitude

In 2005, a Marian shrine had been constructed for the sole purpose of private prayer, but slowly transformed into public veneration by various people. People of diverse ethnic backgrounds, cultures, races, and religious affiliations would frequent this Marian monument and ask for graces from the Blessed Mother.

Channels of Hope

Advent by its nature encourages us to espouse this virtue of hope because Christ was born, died, and rose from the dead. It is an encouragement to us to work toward a better world, knowing that we in our own lifetime may not see such an effect.

Power Of Prayer Pals

“Sin can be as ‘small’ as procrastinating, gossiping, or disregarding others’ wellbeing. Sin is anything you do that isn’t morally right. Sin distances you from God.”

A Labour of Love

“Now more than 30 years later, Aid to Women has supported thousands of women in crisis pregnancies and saved countless lives. The mission of the charity is simple: provide information and non-judgmental support needed for mothers to make life-affirming decisions about their pregnancies.”

Reconciling with God

“The Sacrament of Reconciliation in the Catholic faith is the one sacrament we can frequent as much as possible to heal our souls from transgressions, whether mortal or venial.”

The Padre Pio Pilgrimage

His presence provided his followers guidance on how to pray to God, how to avoid temptation, and, most importantly, his life story initiated one of the biggest pilgrimages that still continues on to this day.

He Knows My Heart

The meaning of this psalm became clearer to me as I worked on trusting in Jesus and surrendering my fears over to Him during my preparation to study abroad.

Social Mobility and Faith in the Modern Age

"With this in mind, it might benefit us to slow down and appreciate work and virtue in everything we do, even if it doesn’t seem glamorous. For people of all religious persuasions or lack thereof, there is something deeply powerful to be said for the appreciation, discovery, and practice of moral virtue in all stations and walks of life."

Barrier-Free Communication

"The best way to surmount these artificial fences is as simple as honest conversation with those who think differently. Interreligious dialogue, as it’s formally known, is a wonderful and valuable practice that helps us improve our understanding of our own beliefs and those held by others. Sincere, humble engagement is so simple, but is often neglected."

The Imagination and Catholic Spirituality

"The practice of the imagination in the development of the Catholic Church has been extensive, creative, and fruitful, but also risky and vulnerable to abuse .... But the question is not just whether or not the imagination has a role in the Church, as much as what exactly that role is. The Catholic Church is an extremely diverse institution, and it contains an immense range of spiritualities, approaches to God, and ways of expressing worship."