Movies and Shows You Need to (Re-)Watch This Season

Movies and Shows You Need to (Re-)Watch This Season

Photo Credit: Ali Akberali, Photographer

Nostalgic picks to get you in the fall spirit  

Alessia Tenaglia, Contributor

Fall is a time for new beginnings and reflection on the past year. As the colourful leaves change, we also tend to feel reflective of our past and inspired by new beginnings. Some of my favourite fall movies and TV shows depict this change in the characters themselves or simply provide comfort and nostalgia. So get snuggled up and grab some popcorn to enjoy this selection of entertainment!

1. The Twilight Series 

There is something about fall when it is raining and dreary outside as the leaves are changing colour that draws me and most people back to Twilight, especially Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. The filming locations and settings seem to capture fall spectacularly, along with the great storyline, of course. We also can’t forget the fact that it is supernaturally driven as it includes vampires and other beings; a nice reminder that Halloween is soon approaching.

2. A Cinderella Story

School, a new start, determination to stand up to her stepmother and stepsisters to attend a dance, but not just any dance, specifically a Halloween dance to meet her anonymous “beau,” is so exciting to watch. Overall, an iconic moment/movie of the early 2000s.

3. Mean Girls 

The storyline follows the main character Cady as she navigates a new school. It can be watched especially on the specific day of October 3rd, which has inspired many memes. Then, of course, there is the Halloween party scene!

4. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries, like Twilight, seems to capture most of its filming locations and settings in the fall, with a preference for darkness as the storyline follows the lives of humans, vampires, and supernatural beings in a small town. It can definitely allow one to feel immersed in the season. 

Personally, my favourite fall movies and TV shows seem to revolve around school-related timelines and Halloween. Especially when the filming location and setting capture fall perfectly. After all, who doesn’t like a little bit of everything to immerse yourself in the season of fall?