New Building Announced for U of T

This new building plans on becoming a hub for both urban and cultural engagement, and as such the new structure will be a connector between U of T’s campus home and its neighbouring public life buildings.

With Canadian winters being consistently unpredictable, U of T as well as other schools across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) prepared accordingly with the inclement weather warnings given throughout the month — or at least most did. 

Events to Look Forward to at USMC

Accordingly, this SMCSU initiative aims to build community while helping erase the stigma surrounding mental illness. There will be hot chocolate, blue pancakes, fruit, treats, activities, and self-care tips. 

USMC Considers a New Smoke-Free Policy

The Mike reached out to President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) David Sylvester to outline USMC’s stance in regards to the new policy, and how students will be affected by the college’s ultimate decision.

USMC Adopts Longstanding U of T Freedom of Speech Policy

In August 2018, Ontario Premier Doug Ford directed all publicly assisted post-secondary institutions to adopt freedom of speech policies or risk facing funding cuts. This directive was a campaign promise that followed a number of prominent, highly politicized protests against controversial guest speakers at Ontario universities this past year.