SMCSU Financial Audit Disclosed

"The Executive Summary details, primarily, the serious mismanagement of student funds by the SMCSU. According to the summary, auditors and USMC’s own finance department remain unable to account for “many expenditures.” While it ascribes some responsibility for this to “inexperience” and/or “negligence,” it uncovers proof of, among other things, “off-the-books purchases of personal items,” “improper and un-recorded payments from suppliers to students” (also referred to as “kick-backs”), and “theft.”"

For Future Reference

"In keeping with the mission of St. Michael’s College and its rich philosophic tradition, we require that all works published within our pages that seek to argue a point, conform to the standards of proper argumentation. While The Mike has no qualms with publishing controversial opinions, we require that they be argued and not stated as fact. In other words, you can claim what you please: we ask only that you represent it for what it is — as claim and not fact, and argue it as such."

Canada, Data, and the Environment

"Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government’s first budget bill was 179 pages long — which, while far short of the precedent set by Harper’s Conservatives — nonetheless deserves attention. Without a rule to give the Speaker grounds to split bills that are too broad, thus preventing omnibus bills (something the Liberals have promised to do, but have yet to), more seem likely to come."

Protests Abound

"Right now, the time is ripe to become involved. It is up to every one of us to ensure that these public expressions do not stop here. Despite what you might have been told, despite what those in power might lead you to believe, the hand of an involved populace is mighty."

The Youth Homelessness Epidemic

"If, as recent studies have suggested, deliquency is not the leading cause of youth homelessness and instead, it is family conflict, then the logic of the Safe Streets Act strikes me and should strike you as akin to the logic of fining and arresting a stray dog for begging for food. Not only are both parties completely incapable of paying said reparations, they are each about as likely to reoffend."