In Defence of Student Journalism

I didn’t just find my passion at The Mike, I found my community. I found a diverse array of students, all of whom came with their own interests and experiences, who did not just share my passion for journalism, but my desire to create a medium of expression that will effectively hold a historically erratic administration accountable.

The Gap Year Dilemma

To understand the full scale of this dilemma, we must look at the pros and cons of a gap year to see if there are more than first meets the eye.

Aim to be the Tortoise, Not the Hare

For a long time, we have stressed the importance of mental health on campus by emphasizing counselling hours and getting a fall reading week. These are all amazing and effective initiatives. However, they are not necessarily the answers for long-term success. 

When Institutions Fail, Individuals Suffer

Despite having so much power and so much opportunity to propel young people (especially the vulnerable and disadvantaged) toward personal and public success, it seems that especially in administrative and leadership roles, many adults remain bystanders to injustice.

The USMC Meal Plan Needs to Change

“While most people who go away for school complain about the Freshman 15, I had the opposite problem. I lost 15 pounds. By the end of the year, my clothes did not fit and my roommate and friends began to worry.”

Investing in the Future Begins with Investing in Students

“While the general principle behind cancelling funding for these campus extensions is in the interest of addressing the lack of students attending these universities, and the fact that it would be expensive to run these facilities at below capacity levels, I believe it misses the point in several significant ways.”

We Are Not Treated As Equals 

“At every moment of my life, I am aware and thinking about the fact that I am a black woman, and that for me, life will not be the same as it will be for my white friends. People may say, “It is 2018, what is there to worry about?” However, I can assure you that there is plenty to worry about.”