Looking Ahead

"Nevertheless, despite the fact that the high school students in Canada have achieved such good results in science and mathematics, Canada is starting to lose its competitive edge to other countries (especially those in Asia) at the university level and beyond. This is reflected in the dropping of Canadian Universities in various university ranking systems."

Hyperloop: Future or Fraud?

"The design is based on a very simple concept: to reduce air resistance and drag created by vehicle body. We know that when a vehicle speed exceeds 85 km/h, resistance created by a mechanical issue is not the one that's slowing the movement down, but a drag created by the air. That's why modern cars also need to take aerodynamics into consideration. The same with trains; when we try to design a fast-moving metal box, we create trains like TGV, ICE I, CRH, and Shinkansen."

Shining a Light into the Rabbit Hole

"We are at the current pinnacle of scientific discovery and knowledge; this gives us an unprecedented view of the world we live in. Just 70 years ago we had no clue how even the fundamental process of biology worked in molecular terms, and now, we’re on our way toward developing portable gene-sequencers."

Diagnosis at Your Fingertips

"Point-of-care (POC) devices are a new frontier of medical devices that bring medical diagnosis to doctors, homes, and the far reaches of the world. These devices are developed to empower people in any educational background to gather their own biometric data. An arsenal of POC devices have been and are currently under development for different applications." 

Biofuel: Food or Poison?

"Biofuel is the general term for energy sources that come from living matter. It has been a hot topic recently as it emits fewer greenhouse gases than other fuel sources, and it is a renewable energy source. Several sources of biomass have been proven to be potential candidates for producing biofuel, including algae, jatropha tree, and fungi."

Nature's Guise

"Have you ever taken a long hard look at nature and marveled at its intricate systems at work to maintain life? Through many generations, nature has withstood the test of time. Animals have developed ways to overcome inherent problems in their dynamic ecosystems. These adaptations have been a source of inspiration for many people trying to solve issues in their fields of work."

Thinking Big and Bold

"Our universities excel at teaching us improved statistical, computational, and visualization methods. However, the problem we forget is that new math alone will not give us more useful applications. The reason for this is simple: students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are typically not the most familiar with the world’s largest problems."

Building A Greener World

"While the City of Toronto has undertaken a number of other measures designed to reduce greenhouse emissions, efforts on the part of our government alone are not enough. Ordinary people like you and me also have to take up a similar responsibility if we want future generations to live in a cleaner and greener world."