Song Recommendations for the Upcoming In-person School Year

Song Recommendations for the Upcoming In-person School Year

Photo Credit: Henry Be via Unsplash

Tracks specifically “taylor”ed to your university experience 

Arib Hassam, The Mike Contributor

It’s officially that time of year again! As we return to school for in-person classes, many of us will curate a playlist of our favourite songs to listen to. Whether you listen to music on a daily TTC ride to campus or while walking from class to class, having quality music to listen to is crucial. If you need some suggestions, consider adding these tracks to your rotation!

For new students who may not be aware, U of T classes generally start 10 minutes past the hour. What better way to spend those 10 minutes than listening to “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift? While UofT does have relatively flat terrain, in the event that you are late to class and find yourself running up a hill (or running up a road), “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush seems like a fitting choice. 

In order to fulfill your breadth requirements, you may find yourself taking some rather “interesting” classes. Perhaps you might consider listening to “Astronomy” by Conan Gray or “Starlight (Taylor’s Version)” by Taylor Swift while doing assignments for AST101. For all you kinesiology students, I’d definitely suggest “Physical” by Dua Lipa. If you’re planning to take any classes in the department of Christianity and Culture which is conveniently located at St Mike’s, “Judas” by Lady Gaga definitely deserves a spot in your rotation.

Being situated in the heart of downtown, the St. George campus is surrounded by a plethora of restaurants to grab delicious food for a snack or meal. Make sure to try one of the many sushi restaurants around campus and don’t forget to listen to “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” by Harry Styles while you’re at it. If you’re looking for a late-night snack at one of the many nearby grocery stores (which are open 24/7), Harry Styles also has several produce-themed songs including “Kiwi” and “Cherry” which would be quite fitting for your shopping trip.

At the end of the day, taste in music is extremely subjective and personal so it’s totally understandable if none of these recommendations are songs that you vibe with. Music is meant to be enjoyed, so whether it’s pop, rap, R&B or folk-punk, be sure to have a playlist (or multiple playlists) of all the songs that you love to help you get through a long day of classes, assignments or commuting!