The Nature of Protest in Sports

"However, this display of unity may distract fans and observers from the issue Kaepernick set out to make known. It is valuable to support unity, but if the support is not widely accepted and established, the people it was intended to benefit will fall through the cracks.

Intramurals and You

"Fortunately, there are ways to split the massive entity that is U of T and to form groups where common interests are shared and friendships are made. One of these ways is through the world of intramural sports."

Hockey Versus the USA Women's National Team

"Despite the necessity of striking to attain equal treatment from USA Hockey, the decision to not play in this year’s IIHF World Championship is particularly tough since the team has won the past three championships. “To voluntarily take ourselves out of the running is not easy, but it’s what’s right and we’re asking for what’s right and fair,” said forward Jocelyn Lamoureux-Davidson."

Blues Take Bronze!

"Looking forward, I’m sure the team was unfazed by a bronze medal. They celebrated loudly after that last point against Ryerson, and took in the hometown adoration like the champions they are.

Review: "Goon: The Last Enforcer"

"It’s no surprise that Baruchel’s sequel can’t find the laughs like the first one did: its subject matter is messy and ugly. It attempts to deal with aging hockey players who play roles that have become obsolete in the modern game — not just because speedier, leaner players score more goals, but because the damage enforcers do to their bodies is horrifying.

The Best Player of His Era

"What makes Crosby exceptional is not that he is an exceptional stick handler, nor that he is the best goal scorer in the league; rather, he is exceptional because he is elite in every aspect of the game. He has the rare ability to make the players around him better, is extremely hard working, and is passionate about the game of hockey."

Blue Jay's Spring Training Report

"Spring training is in full swing down in Florida. The Toronto Blue Jays have already notched a few exhibition games to test out the new bats and work in the gloves. With baseball season just around the corner, let’s take in the Jays’ new roster and assess how they’re looking for opening day."

One for the Ages: Super Bowl 51

"As someone whose viewership of football is limited to the Super Bowl, I must say that Super Bowl 51 was one of the greatest moments in sports that I have ever seen.  The sheer excitement, and for some, dread, of seeing the New England Patriots accomplish what to many seemed unlikely if not impossible will forever go down, in my opinion, as a sporting event which truly lived up to its potential."

The Year of the Champions

"Socially, everyone has taken a big loss this year with what has got to be worst comeback story of all time, the U.S. Presidential Election. It’s good that we had sports as an escape this year."

Raptors Midseason Report

"This kind of drama setting is unheard of out of the recent Raptors. It’s been all “bromances,” Jurassic Parks and losses to Paul Pierce, since the Raptors traded Rudy Gay for Patrick Paterson in 2013. This is new, ugly, and unwelcomed, but the Raptors need to persevere and show what they’re made of - or else those young Leafs are going to fill a Raptor-sized hole in Toronto’s heart unless Ibaka can show up."

The Adaptations of Canada's Game-Analytics and Enforcers

"If you’ve talked to someone who watches NHL hockey recently, you may have heard phrases like ‘the rise of analytics’ or ‘the demise of the enforcer.’ At first, these may seem like unrelated concepts with little impact on each other, but in fact, the rise of one is directly linked to the demise of the other."

Are E-Sports, Sports?

"Beyond the platitudes, the similarities begin to arise in the skills it takes to play a game at high levels: quick reflexes, sharp aim, and precise timing are equally important in video games as they are in basketball, baseball, hockey, etc.. Players need to have an acute awareness of where their teammates, their opponents, and objectives are. An objective can be a hockey puck, or payloads you escort to or stop from reaching a destination to win a game of Overwatch."

Taking the Game Out of the NFL

"The recurring pattern here is the NFL’s attempt to maintain a squeaky clean corporate image. It seems the NFL thinks that if they continue to deny CTE’s connection to football and deal with domestic abuse cases quietly and in-house, the sponsors will stay. This clean corporate image—remember, the NFL took in 12 billion dollars last season (a 14.5% increase from 2014)—seems more important to the NFL than its public image. By turning a blind eye to ugly realities, or denying them outright, the NFL is able to maintain their brand and see ad revenue continue to skyrocket."

Bringing Sportswriting Back to Toronto 

"In our conversation, Mirtle emphasized the importance of The Athletic staying fresh and young.  “Our main subscription base has been surprisingly young,” he explained, “we buy into analytics and advanced statistics and are really trying to push the app.” The Athletic’s app has been steadily rising up the charts on the App Store. The goal of the app is to be interactive; they’ve modeled it after running and cycling apps providing on-the-go entertainment, like podcasts."

Bargaining with the Olympics

"The owners and commissioner of the NHL are well aware of the players’ desire to attend and have tried to take advantage of that situation by using Olympic participation to get an extension of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the NHL Players Association (NHLPA) and the league.  But as much as that sounds like it presents an easy solution to Olympic participation, extension of the CBA is really not in the interest of the players due to the section dealing with escrow, which is basically where the players have to pay the owners if the NHL doesn’t make enough money in a season."

Sports and National Identity 

"There’s a feeling among the players that they are playing for a larger symbolism than paying in American cities. Take, for example, DeMar DeRozan electing to remain with the Raptors instead of testing out free agency. Even if he wouldn’t make substantially more money, he might have wanted to play in LA, being born in Compton he must have grown up loving the Lakers.  But think about it, the Lakers are one of four NBA teams in California and one of two within LA, they would compete with the Clippers for fans within LA itself. But the Raptors are special, they’re not just a city’s team, nor a province’s or state’s, they’re a whole country’s team and the players feel it."

Was the Grey Cup Better Than the Superbowl?

"As a Leafs fan, I can’t help but feel a little jealous at seeing another multi-decade championship drought ending in 2016.  It at least feels good when it happens to someone like Grey Cup MVP, Henry Burris.  Playing Sunday on, well, the knee of a 41-year-old, Burris had a career game.  He went 35/46, with 461 yards, 3 TDs and only 1 interception.  Burris took the stage after the game to celebrate with his whole family — including his 7-year-old sleepy-eyed son who wasn't born the last time he won a Grey Cup."

Golden Knights and Desert Lights

"As may be expected, teams located in the desert have not been known to be great financial investments right off the bat (and sometimes never are).  A prime example of this financial struggle is the Arizona Coyotes, who endure frequent chatter of relocation due to the fact that for several years the NHL had to own the team because no one else wanted to.  That being said, Las Vegas is not Arizona.  Vegas attracts far more tourism, and the NHL will be the only professional sports league in town."

The NBA’s Greatest Athlete

"I would argue that James is the best player ever to play, or at least he will be the best NBA player of all time.  At 31, James has three NBA titles, the most recent being his triumphant return to long suffering Cleveland, he’s a four time league MVP, and currently tenth all-time scoring leader.  He plays with unbelievable passion and his singular clutch playoff performances are legendary."