Surviving the Winter

Surviving the Winter

Photo Credit: Bora vs Bora/Instagram

Tips and tricks to get through the cold

Nidhil Vohra, The Mike Contributor

An infamous running joke in Toronto is that the city has only two seasons: Winter and construction, and quoting the J. Cole lyric from “Fire Squad,” “All good jokes contain true shit.” The summers in Toronto, although extremely pleasant, are usually overrun by constant construction, which at times make it hard to get across the city. However, it is the winters that hurt most. Cold winds slapping you right in the face as if you angered Queen Elsa herself, relentless snow (read: slush), which makes walking on the streets seem like a task out of Squid Game, and the perils of deciding an outfit that doesn’t compromise style for warmth. A word to Frank Sinatra, sometimes, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow,” isn’t what people want. Listed below are certain tips to help you get through the winters in Toronto. 

Dressing Warm  

Before taking on the streets of Toronto, ensure that you cover yourself up. This can be done by either layering up with t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets, or buying one all-purpose warm winter coat/jacket. The latter helps you wear whatever you want underneath, allowing you to remove the coat and show off your outfit in an indoors setting. Gloves, beanies (toques), winter socks, and a warm pair of sweats also go a long way. 

Avoid Walks

The cold doesn’t hit you with an immediate effect. This might prompt you to undertake a rather long walk. It is only when you are five minutes into the walk that you find yourself regretting your decision like you’re Tobey Maguire in the third Spiderman. It is best to either make use of public transport in the winters or buy a sturdy pair of winter boots to keep your feet warm and active. 


Long, hot showers might seem rewarding in the heat of the moment, but they have a ton of negative effects on the skin. They can cause increased dryness and might be harmful if you step out in the cold soon after a shower. A quick fix is to shower for shorter durations with lukewarm water and moisturize your skin regularly. Additionally, winter also takes a toll on one’s lips, so it always helps to invest in a lip balm of some sorts. 

Food and Drinks

Having warm beverages or food items like soups, coffees, and teas, go a long way in helping one remain warm throughout the day.  

For some, this list might be common knowledge and nothing new. For others, I hope these tips give an idea of what is to come once the weather gets colder and you can start feeling as magical as the first snowfall of the season.