Applications to join  The Mike 's 2019–20 team are now open! For more info, see below.

Applications for the 2021-22 year are open until January 25, 2022. 

 Do you like to write, report, edit, manage, promote, illustrate, take photos, or design? Do you need to build your resume? Have you been looking for a way to become more involved in the USMC community? How does the chance to do all three at the same time sound?

Click here to apply! 

If you would like to review the available positions up for election click here

Please direct any questions to [email protected]


Applications to become an official photographer for The Mike will remain open for the entire semester! Apply at any time. 

Do you have a passion for photography? Do you want to share this passion with others? Wouldn’t it be exciting to see your photos published? If you answered yes to any of these questions, apply to be an official photographer for The Mike!

Click here to apply!

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