MSUS, CSCU, BMSSA Masquerade Ball 

MSUS, CSCU, BMSSA Masquerade Ball 

Photo Credit: Darian Trabold

A night of dance, food, and fun 

Darian Trabold, Managing Editor 

On January 19, 2024, the Medieval Studies Undergraduate Society (MSUS), Celtic Studies Course Union (CSCU), and the Book and Media Studies Student Association (BMSSA) hosted their annual Masquerade Ball at Carr Hall. This annual event is returning for its second year since the COVID-19 pandemic put a pause on the festivities in 2020. This is the first year BMSSA helped plan the event.  

Tickets for the event cost $10 for pre-sale and $15 at the door. In the pre-sale over 100 tickets were sold. Demand was so high that the organizers had to close pre-sale so that they were able to sell tickets at the door. The event was open to all U of T students. Non-U of T students were allowed as guests of a U of T student.  

The night was filled with dancing, good music, food and drinks, and hanging out with friends. A variety of music was played. This music included songs to accompany the dances, Gaelic songs, orchestral music, and modern artists like Hozier. In preparation for the Masquerade Ball, CSCU and MSUS released dance tutorial videos on their Instagram accounts to help people learn a variety of dances. Dance tutorials included the Waltz, a Scottish cèilidh dance called the “Orcadian Strip the Willow,” the Canadian Barn Dance, and the cèilidh dance “The Gay Gordons.” During the Masquerade Ball, announcements were made that they were going to do a certain dance and those who were interested went onto the dance floor. The tutorials helped those who may not have heard of these dances participate. There was no pressure to dance — tables and chairs were set up for those who would rather watch or just enjoy the night with friends.  

Although the attire was semi-formal, people dressed to the nines for this event, including fun masks and creative clothing. President of MSUS Annika Rempel made her outfit, showcasing the creativity and skills of many of those attending. They set up a photo booth with whimsical fairy lights where people could take photos. At the photo booth, they provided decorative masks for those who may not have brought one.  

The event had food included: pizza as well as cake for dessert. Vegetable and fruit platters on top of water and soft drinks were also provided. They had vegan and gluten-free options, which was a plus. There was a cash bar to purchase beer and wine at $9 per glass.  

Overall, the event was very successful. People danced the night away to good music and great ambiance, while also enjoying the food and drinks provided. It was nice to catch up with friends for a fun Friday night outing here at St. Mike’s. The effort MSUS, CSCU, and BMSSA put into this event did not go unnoticed. Hopefully, the tradition of the Masquerade Ball will continue for years to come.