Putting the Tears back in UofT

Putting the Tears back in UofT

Photo Credit: Eater

A list of the best crying spots on campus

Kezia Urlanda, Contributor

Have you ever cried on campus and said to yourself or to a friend, “Wow this is a good place to cry?” Well, I have. As an avid crier on campus, I have even created my own criteria when considering whether a place on campus is an ideal breakdown spot or not. 

Crying on the subway made me realize that a place shouldn’t be too bright or too crowded, and should offer space to facilitate a great position for crying. The main features include lighting, seclusion, and comfort. With dreaded midterms and finals around the corner, here are a few of the places on campus I’ve cried at and my opinions on them:

1. The “Walking to Class” Cry 

This method of crying is fun, but not very practical. It really depends on the time of day, and the weather. It’s not very comforting. However, if you put on a sad playlist and forget that other people exist, it is a vibe.

2. The Forest Outside the Earth Science Center/ Bancroft Building 

This spot is a seasonal choice and great if you’re looking for a forestry cry. It’s especially good in the fall semester when you have the leafy trees to make it secluded. It is good for a loud cry or a silent cry on a picnic table. However, it suffers from the same dilemma as crying on the way to class.

3. Any Bathroom on Campus 

I like crying in bathrooms. It makes me feel like a main character in a coming-of-age movie. Bathrooms lose points in seclusion and overall comfort. Some are single stalls (which are better) or multiple stalls (you could make a friend). And you must think about logistics. Do you cry standing up? Or do you cry while sitting in the toilet, which is gross (plus, there’s the potential of a bad-smelling bathroom). But if you can find a bathroom that has a real door and not the stall doors, it’s a pretty good place to cry. I suggest the accessible washrooms in Brennan Hall, next to the stairs going to the Canada Room. Overall, bathrooms around campus are a hit or miss.

4. Hart House Map Room 

The map room is wonderful. The lighting is dim and changes only depending on the sun. Although the couches are a little small, with cushions that are a little uncomfortable, the couches suffice for a fetal position cry (if needed). The map room, however, loses points in seclusion as there are many people and many events in Hart House. As a result, the space is not guaranteed to be available for a private cry session.

6. Junior Common Room at University College 

This spot has it all. It’s not a well-known location, so there are not as many people. It also has couches, and they are huge– big enough to lie down on and go into a full fetal position (and an after-cry nap). There is also a piano, where occasionally someone will play a song from La La Land, which adds to the ambiance. The building is ancient, so the lighting features are the opposite of top-notch, and emit yellow light, which also adds to the ambiance. I truly wonder how many others have cried in there because it is the perfect place to cry.

So cry it out on campus, wipe those tears proudly, and march on. After all, we’re at UofTears. You’ve earned it.