Spice Up Your Boring Routine 

Spice Up Your Boring Routine 

Photo Credit: Clockwise

Ways to mix up your routine and brighten your day

Karen Maktabi, Contributor

Have you been feeling like your days are all merging into one? Perhaps the last couple of weeks seem like an episode on repeat? It’s the middle of the term, assignments are piling up, and the grey weather rarely lets up. As a heliophile myself, I get it. You need a new pick-me-up, something to mix up your life a little and add some magic to the dull days. I got you: here are some ways to spice up your daily routine!

  1. Music, music, and more music! Brighten up your days with a new playlist. Create a list of upbeat songs you know will boost your serotonin levels.
  1. Switch up your look a little! Consider getting a new haircut, trying out a new style, or painting your nails a crazy colour! I know it doesn’t seem like much, but little changes in your usual look can totally uplift your mood.
  1. Cafés for the win!  Coffee shops are seriously underrated. If you feel like your usual library setup for studying is beginning to look a little monotonous, try visiting some new coffee shops downtown. PLEARN (@plearncafeto), Butter Baker (@butterbakerto), or L’Espresso Bar Mercurio (@lespressobarmercurio) are just a couple of my favourites, and they all provide complimentary Wi-Fi.
  1. Changing your usual route. Walking down the same streets and viewing the same scenery regularly can get a little exhausting! Diversify your path to classes. It only takes about 15 minutes to get anywhere on campus, it’s worth a try!
  1. U of T gyms. As a student, you get access to any athletic facility on campus gratis, just scan your TCard! The Athletic Centre, Hart House Fitness Centre, and The Goldring Centre all offer free drop-in classes every day, weekends included. Grab a friend, and go work out!
  1. Join a club! U of T students run many great clubs, and they happen every day! If you’re like me and you need a break from the daily academics, then this one’s for you. The clubs’ categories range from Arts, Athletics & Recreation, and Career Development. For some more intellectual options, club topics include: Politics, Social Justice & Advocacy, Global Interests, and more! The social aspect of this is also important to consider: I cannot stress enough how many new friends I’ve made after joining a club. It is truly a very rewarding feeling.  
  1. Coffee. This one goes out to the coffee addicts (pretty much all U of T students): this might seem like a small, and insignificant change to your routine, but try a new coffee order. Now, listen I know, I know your coffee order is sacred, and it’s not to be messed with. But hear me out, it doesn’t have to be a whole new drink! An extra shot of espresso, frothing your milk or creamer, try it iced? Start small, and you never know, you just might enjoy it.
  1. Reading a new book. This one is pretty self-explanatory, but try picking up a new book. You know that list you have of all those BookTok recommendations that you have yet to get to? Refer back to that list, and pick up that nice book that you’ve heard so much about. Then, make yourself a warm cup of tea or coffee or whatever makes your heart happy, and cosy up with your new story while watching the snowfall. Getting lost in a book is definitely one way to beat that seasonal depression. 

It might not be a lot, but nevertheless, I hope these ideas were useful to try and make the best of your days.