Ten Terms All St. Michael’s College Students Must Know

Ten Terms All St. Michael’s College Students Must Know

Photo Credit: St Michael’s College

A beginner’s guide to understanding the St. Mike’s slang.

Alessia Baptista, Lifestyle Editor 

There is doubt that St. Michael’s College (USMC) has an abundance of terms that practically serves as our own language. These words may be confusing to some, especially for people at other colleges or an incoming first-year student. If you are at the beginning of your St. Mike’s journey, then it is important that you become a part of the community by understanding the St. Mike’s slang. Here are some USMC terms that are very important to know: 

Hoikity Choik: 

This iconic term is the name of one of our chants used during orientation week. The Hoikity Choik is truly its own language in itself, and it will be permanently engraved in your mind, even after you graduate. 

SMCSU (specifically pronounced smic-soo)

This acronym stands for the St. Michael’s College Student Union. SMCSU is a governing body of St. Mike’s students that plan events at the college and advocate for SMC students. 

The Coop: 

Located in Brennan Hall, The Coop is arguably the most popular spot on St. Mike’s campus. It has become a place where you can hang out with friends, stop by, and grab a beverage at Basil’s Cafe! Regardless, there is always something happening in The Coop, and it’s a great place to meet new people. 


This one is pretty simple –– it is just a quicker way to say Brennan Hall.  

The Quad: 

It’s a beautiful place to hang out with friends and also home to USMC’s questionably unique angel statue. Fun fact –– SMCSU also arranges for a skating rink in The Quad during the winter season. 


The one and only Basil the Bulldog, USMC’s mascot of course!  


This term is just shorthand for orientation week, which is a big deal for St. Mike’s! We’re the reigning champs at the cheer off during the tri-campus parade. The Hoikity Choik is chanted thousands of times and many voices are lost, but it’s all worth it to showcase our USMC spirit.

The Croom: 

This refers to the Canada Room, where students can hang out and purchase their meals. 


Short for Kelly Library at St. Michael’s College, Kelly’s is home to the writing centre, which is a great place to visit if you ever need help with an essay! 


This is the cuter name for the Gilson Seminar, course code SMC188, offered at St. Mike’s. 

Ranging from complete gibberish to slang terms for spots found on campus, this exclusive terminology only aids in bringing the USMC community closer together, making university life a little more fun.