The Troubadours Go Pink 

The Troubadours Go Pink 

Photo Credit: Dua Siddiqui

What you want should have been to see this performance of Legally Blonde. Serious(ly.) 

Lauren Sarney, Senior Staff Writer 

Pink, pink, PINK! These were my immediate thoughts as I walked out of Hart House Theatre on Friday, February 16, after watching the SMC Troubadours’ closing night performance of Legally Blonde. Once I could more clearly articulate my thoughts, I was simply left in awe. This performance was a work of magic; every moment cohered excellently, and the final product was a joy-laden homage to musical theater and, more importantly, was so much fun to watch. 

The Delta Nu Girls started the show on a high note, chittering through the crowd before the lights were even up, getting audience members to sign Elle’s card. Elle’s closest sisters and her eventual Greek Chorus — stars Fiona Forester, Maya Bogojevic, and Ellyse Wolter — brought the fun. In “Bend and Snap,” where the characters tried to help shopkeeper Paulette (played by the enigmatic Cass Iacovelli, who rocked the song “Ireland” almost as much as her baby blue eyeshadow) land the UPS guy of her dreams, Forester, Bogojevic, and Wolter proved that any one of them was talented enough to play Elle herself.  

That said, Lizzie Song blew me away as our Legal Blonde: her dancing was next level, and her comedic timing was a work of art. The airheadedness she acted with when she argued that she wasn’t trailer trash because she lived next to Jane Lynch… amazing. As the leading lady, Song guided the show immaculately, and it was her chops that made me tear up a bit during her rendition of “Legally Blonde” opposite love interest Emmett, who was played by earnest Joseph Chiu.  

In a reel posted via the Troubadours’ Instagram page (which, by the way, was brilliant: the marketing team deserves a pat on the back, and if you haven’t seen the videos yet, go check them out) one actor said he’d most like to play Professor Callaghan because of how fun the song “Blood in the Water” is, and I dare say I agree. That said, could anyone have done it better than Nolan Rush? Rush freaked me out, and I mean that in the best way. As did Joelle Staropoli, who I wish I could watch in every role — including Vivienne — one more time. As Warner Huntington III, Aiden Oh was cool, collected, and silly in the best way. Can you tell I loved this show and its cast? My two absolute favourite players might have to be Nina Katz, who played the best version of Kyle I’ve seen (MTV recording included) and Trixie as Rufus. 

I could go on, and if you were near me after I watched the show then you will know that I did. This team did not back down from the challenge that putting on Legally Blonde can be, and each piece was spectacular in its own way. The lighting team killed it (lightbulbs when Elle has an idea? Consider me inspired!), as did the costumes, sound engineering, and the orchestra. Everyone deserves their flowers, and then some more, so if you or someone you love participated in this show, make sure to tell them that they nailed it. 

Directors Emma Kidd and Nick Cikoja called Legally Blonde “timeless” in their directors’ note, and I agree. The world can be hard, and it’s a great feeling when you can go watch a piece of art crafted with as much care and respect for the form as this performance was. No matter what, when people can get together and put their hearts on the line for something they care about — be it other people, things, or art like this — it’s made clear that there’s still good in the world. I don’t know about you, but I feel so much better after seeing Legally Blonde. 

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