Tips & Reminders for Finals

Tips & Reminders for Finals

Photo Credit: RIT Reporter

Advice for navigating finals from a fourth-year student

Alessia Tenaglia, Contributor

Finals season can be stressful for students as they prepare and navigate multiple final exams for their courses. As a fourth-year Art Sci student, here are some tips that I have learned over the years that help me navigate finals!

1. Divide up the material by how many days you intend to study

You can make a study plan based on how you intend to study for finals in each course. It is best to divide the material based on how many days you believe you can dedicate to studying before the final. This way you can see that your plans are realistic and can be followed through, hopefully, as best as you can without cramming, stressing, and limited sleep.

2. Find a study spot & a study playlist

Finding the perfect study spot and an instrumental playlist can help you feel calmer and less distracted about what is going on around you. A study playlist can make you feel more productive, especially if you are deprived of sleep, while looking at dense material for long periods of time.

3. Take breaks

Keep hydrated and take breaks that allow you to de-stress. This can include going for a walk, yoga, or meditation. Try out the Pomodoro method, this way you can have time for breaks which will supposedly allow you to be more focused and productive when you return to studying.

4. Consider the place and time of the final

Familiarise yourself with the date and time of your final by using a reminder app or marking it into your calendar so you do not forget! Also, it’s important to make sure that you can reach your exam at the scheduled time or sometimes a bit earlier in case of potential delays, especially if you are a commuter student!

5. Try to keep a positive mindset and consider the end goal

It is easy to feel stressed and unmotivated, but consider that you will be done with your finals soon! Reflect on what you have learned, and what you are looking forward to doing once you have written all of your finals. This can include all the fun things you are planning to do over the winter break!

Good luck with your finals, you’ve got this!