Valentine’s Day Rocks! 

Valentine’s Day Rocks! 

Photo Credit: Emily Tung

A playlist to celebrate love of all kinds 

Lauren Sarney, Senior Staff Writer 

I love Valentine’s Day. Aside from the cheery arrays of reds and the gooey chocolates stuffed into heart-shaped boxes, it’s a beautiful day to reflect on what brings you joy despite the biting frost of February. We have been made to believe that this is only a holiday for couples, but why? Love is all around, after all. So as you enjoy this day — with a Valentine or by yourself — here are some songs to get you in the festive spirit, all dedicated to things I’m grateful to get to love this Valentine’s Day. 

“Drive ME crazy!” by Lil Yachty 

Deep in the heart of winter, the sun tends not to rise until I’ve clocked into my barista job. So on my trek to work, I get to experience the dark quiet of the city — the sky a muted purple that’s as calming as it is anticipatory. I dedicate this to our beautiful, imperfect city, in the moments before it roars to life. 

“Kitchen Song – voice memo” by Tessa Violet 

It’s a slower one, but this is my baking song. I bake for those I love: I make treats like blueberry scones and lemon loaf. My pièce de résistance was a key lime pie, and though I didn’t eat it because I don’t like pie, making it filled me with warmth all the same. 

“For Once In My Life” by Stevie Wonder 

Have you done some stupid dancing around your room in the last little while? Didn’t think so. Honour my favourite hobby and put this track on, and then go crazy (feather boa and floppy hat optional, but highly recommended). 

“Day Without You” by Keep for Cheap 

One of the defining aspects of my university experience thus far has been the fantastic friends I’ve made. I dedicate this love song to the marvelous women I was lucky enough to meet when I lived in Loretto College. I love their strong minds and hearts endlessly. And to the men I’ve met from my residence placement this year, who have taught me to enjoy good company and stupid jokes. I don’t want to think about a day without any of them.  

“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by Johnny Rhythm and The Audios 

The fantastic keys on this track are the work of my grandfather! This 1961 bop was a big hit in Toronto clubs at the time, and it was at one of these clubs where my pop, Boyd, met his future wife (and my beautiful grandmother), Carol, when she was out dancing. They’ll have been married for 60 years this year, and are one of the couples in my life that show me that true love really does exist. Aside from love and kinship, they give me hope. 

“F.N.T.” by Semisonic 

Who doesn’t love a romcom? Whenever I get the chance, I like to settle in for a rewatch of Never Been Kissed or 13 Going On 30 or some variant. If you know which one this song is from, I will personally give you a valentine. XO.