What’s Open Around Campus?

What’s Open Around Campus?

Photo Credit: Samantha Hamilton, Photo Editor

A non-exhaustive guide to what buildings (and paths) are open.

Jennifer Zhong, News Editor

After over a year of in-person class suspension, the University of Toronto St. George (UTSG) campus is finally open to students for in-person classes and activities again. But as students return to campus, it may look a little different… Construction projects and COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in closed or changed hours for many facilities and services on campus. Here’s a quick overview of which buildings and paths are open.

Construction and detours

If you have been to campus recently, you’ve probably noticed all the construction going on in Front campus. Thankfully, the work for the Landmark project is mostly limited around King’s College Circle, so plan for detours! The main paths affected are the entrance to Medical Sciences building from Queen’s Park subway station and crossing to Hart House from Queen’s Park. Paths from King’s College Circle to St. George St. may appear to be blocked, but they are open! There is also some construction going on in the back of Robarts library which is expected to be completed later this fall.

Where to study aka. what libraries are open?

There are plenty of study spaces open on campus again, mostly located in the 44 libraries scattered around campus. The study carrels and reading rooms are great for individual studying or attending non-discussion based online lectures, but probably not the best for meetings or group work. 

If you need to attend an online class, space has been reserved on a first-come first-serve basis at Robarts library first floor and the Gerstein Science Information Centre’s Wallace Room. You can also borrow technology accessories such as charging cables, headphones, and more at the Robarts Library Media Commons or at other libraries such as the Kelly library.

Here’s a list of what libraries are physically open to all students:

  • Robarts library
  • Gerstein Science Information Centre
  • OISE library
  • Architecture, Landscape, and Design (Eberhard Zeidler Library)
  • Earth Sciences (Noranda) Library
  • E. J. Pratt Library (Victoria College) Library
  • Emmanuel Library (Victoria College)
  • Graham (Trinity College) Library
  • Innis College Library
  • Kelly Library (St Mike’s College)
  • Mathematical Sciences Library
  • Media Commons
  • New College (Ivey) Library
  • Petro Jacyk Central & Eastern European Resource Centre
  • Regis College Library
  • University College Library (tentatively reopening on September 27)

All libraries require a green UCheck screen, or a paper based COVID self-assessment for access. Some have additional conditions so make sure you check their website before heading to one!

Group study spaces or meetings?

If you need somewhere to study with a few friends or attend a meeting, UTSG has you covered. Group study rooms can be booked at Robarts and Gerstein library with a limit of 2 people per room. You can also book larger rooms (Reading room, Map room, Hart House library) at Hart House for a 2-hour time slot. Some other places you can eat and talk in are:

  • Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Sidney Smith Hall
  • Medical Sciences building
  • Hart House
  • Common spaces in colleges around campus

Outdoor space?

Take advantage of the fleeting nice weather and hang around Queen’s Park or the Sidney Smith Bluepad. Wi-Fi is available over the campus, so why not attend your online class outside for a change? Check out other spaces such as the Hart House quad, SMC quad, Innis College quad… in fact almost all of the colleges at U of T have a great quad you can hang out in. The best part? You can eat and talk as loudly as you want!

Athletic facilities

Studying is great in moderation, but sometimes you need a break and want to take advantage of the athletic facilities on campus. All U of T students with a valid T-card registered for official Sports and Rec programming have access to the facilities. Some COVID-19 safety protocols apply:

  • Participants must be fully vaccinated with a Health Canada or WHO approved vaccine
  • Complete daily health screenings through UCheck
  • 2 meters social distancing
  • Masks required in indoor spaces when social distancing is not possible
  • Enter and leave according to allotted time slot
  • Towel service is not available

Food services

If you’re spending an extended period of time on campus you probably want to buy food at some point. Not all food services have been reopened though so check out this link to see what’s open. Like everything else on campus, make sure you show a green UCheck screen and wear a mask. There are also food trucks along St. George St. and plenty of restaurants just a few minutes’ walk away.

Campus might look different this year, but in many ways, it is still the campus we know and love. Welcome back to campus!