Why U of T Should Install a Slide to Make Up for All the Stairs  

Why U of T Should Install a Slide to Make Up for All the Stairs  

Illustration Credit: Arba Bardhi

Nyah Vasudeva, Contributor 

As children, we loved whizzing down slides. Not only were they fun, but they made it easier to get down the playground. Therefore, I think we should install slides in the major libraries, especially Robarts and E.J. Pratt. While elevators are useful for traveling up to different floors, why not connect a slide? It would bring fun to the university environment and help you get to class on time! Including them in the libraries would be a blast from the past! 

What is the number of steps in Robarts, one of the largest libraries in North America? Who knows. There are so many steps and elevators that sometimes you feel nauseous. The fact that you can only climb the escalators 4 floors is tedious. Furthermore, there have been many different cases of going down and running late, so having slides that go down from the 14th floor to the first would be a surreal experience and improve travel from one place to another. 

Sometimes, we get tired of walking or waiting for the elevator to come, but with the slide, it will be quick and easy. It might even boost serotonin levels! When exams are quickly approaching the slides might offer a glimpse of hope. The prevalence of slides would also encourage studying because students would feel more inclined to visit the libraries. This could also create a diverse community and help people make new friends.

The creation of slides will be beneficial for traveling, and for creating fun and interactive events across U of T! It could possibly put us on a pedestal and grant us status as a fun university (without relying on parties). Many students might come by Robarts Library and E.J. Pratt and have an awesome time altogether!