Why You Need to Start Going to Varsity Games

Why You Need to Start Going to Varsity Games

Photo Credit: Alessia Baptista, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

If you wanna #BLEEDBLUE, you just have to

Alessia Baptista, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

Haven’t you ever wondered what it’s like to bleed blue? Ever since we’ve been back on campus full time, I’ve been going to Varsity Blues games left and right. It’s the perfect way to support University athletics, watch sports for free, and have fun with your friends. What more could you ask for? 

In all seriousness, going to Varsity Blues games has significantly bettered my University experience. The University offers a wide range of sports to choose from, so you’re almost guaranteed to find a sport you’ll enjoy watching. Either way, tickets for U of T students are free, so even if you watch a sport you dislike, you can say you supported the Blues and tried something new! 

Personally, I gravitate towards hockey and basketball games because those are the sports I enjoy watching the most. My wallet certainly can’t afford going to Leafs or Raptors games every week, so I find myself at Goldring and Varsity Arena quite frequently. It’s really just the experience of watching live sports that is absolutely unmatched, no matter what team is playing. 

Besides, Varsity games are action packed and can get pretty intense. Speaking for myself, I get extremely invested in basketball and hockey games and it’s a great way to unwind after a long day of classes. On top of it all, the Varsity games tend to have in-game activities and prizes for fans during halftime or in between periods. The game operations team does a great job at engaging all fans whether you like sports or not! 

If you’re interested in attending some Varsity games, here are a few upcoming home games for you to attend with your friends (or alone if that’s your vibe): 

Women’s Hockey @ Varsity Arena

Feb 4th v. TMU – 7pm

Feb 16th v. TMU – 7pm 

Men’s Hockey @ Varsity Arena 

Feb 3rd v. Brock – 7pm

Feb 10th v. York – 7pm 

Women’s Basketball @ Goldring Centre 

Feb 10th v. McMaster – 6pm

Feb 11th v. Waterloo – 6pm

Men’s Basketball @ Varsity Arena 

Feb 10th v. McMaster – 8pm 

Feb 11th v. Waterloo – 8pm 

Women’s Volleyball @ Goldring Centre 

Feb 19th v. McMaster – 1pm 

Men’s Volleyball @ Goldring Centre 

Feb 19th v. McMaster – 3pm

Check out the Varsity Blues website for more info on game schedules here: https://varsityblues.ca/