Just A Little More 

Just A Little More 

This year, bring some Christmas cheer


Michelle Thevasajayam – CONTRIBUTOR


It’s that time of year again! There’s about a thousand different things going on at once, and as a university student, it’s quite stressful. This is the time of assignments and final exams, those annoying group projects, and lengthy papers. For most of us, it’s about keeping adrift in school, because, honestly, we’ve probably lost that will power we had in the first couple of weeks of classes. And on top of that, the totally random weather Toronto throws at us? Ugh. 

But there’s the little spark in you that wants to feel a little more Christmas-y. So, you must schlep to your garage or crawl into your attic and drag out that dusty box containing the ornaments and decorations. There is that whole day you must devote to waiting in line to buy a new tree, or pull out that ready-made one and stab your fingers with the rough bristles. There’s also the huge task of buying presents, and making sure that they’re actually good presents; and after that, the wrapping, the Christmas cards, the well-wishes… 

And even if you don’t participate, there are many around you that do. Literally, right after Canadian thanksgiving, people had their Christmas lights up, and the stores started with the Santa Claus costumes and those gigantic candy canes. The new Hallmark movies and the classic Christmas stories air on television. Even the radio starts with the traditional jingles performed by artists from before we were born to the ones we listen to today (I’ve got Michael Buble’s Christmas songs on repeat too, to be honest).  

We can see Christmas everywhere we go.  

Yet, this season isn’t just about the colourful decorations, the pretty lights, or the warm peppermint flavoured drinks. I think there’s something each of us could do to bring a change this year. In this season, there’s a truth I’ve come to know: this time of year is about giving.  

Giving can be shown in different ways. It can be shown through the giving of gifts, or spending time the with family—whether it’s your literal family or your friends (including the animal kind). Show some love by giving up your seat on the TTC or holding a door open. Maybe it’s through giving a hug or saying something encouraging. There are always places that welcome volunteers or donations. Or simply, smile when you’re walking around. Whichever way you think is best (or whichever way is easiest), give a little love this Christmas season.  

I appeal to you, dear readers: this Christmas, give a little more. Give a little more love, a little more time, and a little more effort. I realize that the New Year is just around the corner, and with that come those resolutions (which, let’s be honest, most of us don’t ever accomplish). But this time, make that change, make that resolution. Get off your couch, step out of your comfort zone, and do just a little more.