10 Facts About China

10 Facts About China

The reasons I love and hate the country. 

Fei Li – Contributor


1. Street vendor food is the BEST. 

  • It’s cheap. 

  • Easily accessible. 

  • DELICIOUS. (Sometimes better than restaurant food) 

  • But if you have a weak immune system, you may get sick easily. (The cooking environment isn’t always clean).  

2. There are tons of thieves in China. 

  • Keep your purse/bag in front of you, rather than the side. 

  • Always keep an eye on your belongings. 

  • Try to keep your distance from others. (Although this is often not realistically possible). 

3. Beware of counterfeit bills (they’re very common).  

  • Always check for counterfeits. 

  • Count your change. 

  • When exchanging money, make sure to always go to a bank. 

4. Drivers in China and pedestrians fight for the road. 

  • Not looking both ways can and would prove fatal in China. 

  • A lot of pedestrians in China cross even if it’s a red light. If you’re not from there, I recommend that you don’t follow them. 

  • And for the record, Chinese people are the best drivers. We drive like maniacs because if you don’t fight for the road, you’ll never get to your destination.  

5. China’s air is disgusting. 

  • During my trip to China, I never once saw a clear blue sky in Beijing. That is ridiculous. 

  • It’s hot, occasionally reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius. 

  • If you have asthma, or hate cigarette smoke, make sure to wear a mask.  

  • It’s worse in Winter. Without a mask, you’ll cough constantly. 

  • There are no trees or fields of grass. (Just artificial parks).  

6. Chinese people are “Rude”. 

  • Chinese people don’t say things like “thank you” unless they mean it. We don’t sugar coat things. (Unlike Canadians. I’m Canadian, and I know what I’m talking about!) 

  • We bump into you without a care because we think it’s normal.  

  • We bud in lines if you’re not close enough. If there’s a spot in which I can fit, I’ll slip in like a snake.  

7. It’s really busy in China. 

  • People stay out until, like, 2 in the morning. (Partly because of drinking and gambling). 

  • Once again too many people. 

  • There are tons of shops, restaurants, and cars all over the place. 

  • Chinese drivers love to honk their horn. 

  • You always hear milk men, merchants, or garbage men making loud announcements in the morning. 

8. The clothes you’re wearing will be considered tacky in China. 

  • People in China are very particular with their looks/clothes. 

  • The clothes in China are considered beautiful, and the things from outside China are like garbage. 

  • Clothes are super expensive. 1 dress for $1000 RMB, plus inflation. 

  • People look down on you if you do not dress in expensive/pretty clothes. 

9. There are tons of fake brands in China. 

  • You can tell if they’re fake judging by their price. ($100 compared to $200). 

  • Some of them are easier to spot than others. 

  • Just buy things online, or from the actual store. (Go to a store that says Converse, rather than getting it at some no name store). 

10. Bargaining and Scammers.  

  • So, from what I’ve noticed, many stores do not have prices for their items. The reason for this is to scam you. 

  • If you seem like a rich person, they raise the price. Or if they see that you really want to buy a product, they’ll raise the price. 

  • However, you can bargain for anything.