A Spin on New Year’s Resolutions

A Spin on New Year’s Resolutions

A U of T student to-do list before graduating

Jessica Frascà  CONTRIBUTOR


It’s not very often that one is able to follow through on the resolutions that they proposed for themselves at the beginning of a new year. Creating to-do lists enable us to be more organized and, consequently, more likely to be successful with achieving those resolutions over a longer period of time. Therefore, to make it easier, this to-do list of things to do before you graduate suggests activities to fulfill over your four years at U of T. Check how many you’ve done already, and how many you haven’t!

Attend a show at Hart House Theatre. Experience some of the best drama in all of Canada right here on campus. The plays are professional quality for a fraction of the cost. Great for an alternative Friday night out!

Try a free drop-in fitness class at the U of T gym, whether it is a Zumba class or boot camp. Or try something new like an aquatics class at the Athletic Centre or Hart House pool!

Participate in Orientation week, where you meet so many great people and get to lose your voice. It’s the only time where you won’t be judged by painting your full body!

Study in a different library; don’t just sit in Kelly or Robarts Library. After all, U of T has 44 libraries across all three campuses. You can study in a Hogwarts like setting such as Emmanuel College Library at Victoria College, or in Hart House!

Checkout the greenery around U of T. Did you know there’s a green roof on the Rotman MBA Building? If you want to see more greenery, study in the indoor Bamboo Garden in Donnelly Centre. You can even do something as simple as stroll through Queens Park. You can walk through Philosopher’s walk, a secret path with less pedestrians to bump into on your way to class. And of course the beautiful quads at each of the colleges! 

Go to office hours. No one ever does but believe it or not some professors are actually pretty cool and willing to help you succeed. Also they could be your reference for grad school. Email your TA with questions throughout the semester. You’d be surprised how much help they are willing to give you in order to do well in the course. 

Don’t just eat at Tim Horton’s. Explore different restaurants such as the Gallery Grill. There are a variety of food trucks to eat from. If you’re on a budget, follow the UTSU free food on campus Facebook page, or join a multicultural club! They usually give out delicious free food at their events. Maybe even try the cafeteria food at all the colleges, just so you can say that you did.

Visit the Hart House Farm. Here you can stay overnight in the winter and sip hot apple cider by the fire. When you wake up you can head to the sauna. Also in the summer, you can swim in the ponds!

Use the telescopes in the McLennan Physical Laboratories and try seeing a lunar eclipse. And while you’re at it, wish upon a shooting star and then you may see a 4.0 on your transcript!

Paint yourself blue. Go cheer on any Varsity Sports Team. Paint yourself blue and attend a football game. If you are in luck you may spot True Blue! Every time you attend a Varsity game, you receive points on your T Card that you can use towards cool prizes too!

As you can see, U of T has many activities to do and to see, and you should definitely take advantage of them during your time here! Go explore U of T before you graduate, and don’t miss the opportunity to see how lucky you are to attend one of the best schools in Canada!