How Our Student Lounge Might Look Going Forward

How Our Student Lounge Might Look Going Forward

What the Brennan renovation Town Hall revealed

Jessica Frascà  CONTRIBUTOR

Illustration: Provided courtesy of Gow Hastings Architects.


Did you miss the Town Hall meeting to renovate Brennan Lounge? Well, here is your inside scoop on what to expect Brennan to become in the future. First off, don’t you just hate when you have to wait hours at the registrar with no lounge chairs and/or comfy couches to sit on? Well the answer to all this is to bring the registrar into Brennan Lounge, so while you wait you can mingle with your peers and chill out. Students who attended the Town Hall were given the opportunity to say what they would like to change or add to Brennan. 

How Hastings Architects were the ones there responsible for hearing the students’ opinions so they can create spaces fitting for them. The architecture firm specializes in creating student lounges across different universities. Students who attended the Town Hall said that the architecture firm had a modern approach within their proposals.  As seen in the plans and rendered images, the bright colours and funky furniture will allow students to enjoy the space even more than they already do. 

The Coop will be the go-to place for a study and lounge zone. There will be a welcome desk as soon as you walk into the building so that all those students who will be looking for Brennan 200 will finally know where to go. The Registrar Office will be relocated to where the old St. Michael’s College Student Union (SMCSU) office was, while the new SMCSU office will be situated next to the Coop. The greatest news of this whole project will be the increased number of chairs, desks, and couches into Brennan. We can now have more spaces to nap in between classes and study spaces to talk in without having to worry about someone telling you to keep your voice down, like in the library. 

Now, as exciting as it is to have comfy couches, the biggest question this leaves a true University of St. Michael’s College student to ask is: “Will we one day see our pool table magically appear back in the lounge?” Although some students said it was a great opportunity to have their opinions heard at the Town Hall, it seemed like the design, plans, and proposals have already been determined. As much as we would like to have an arcade approach to the lounge, we have to be realistic; we attend a university where there will still be space to socialize, just not a space to cause a big ruckus. The renovations have already started. So as to give you a better idea of what is to come, I’ve included a glimpse of what the first floor layout of the new Brennan Hall will likely look like come completion.

Jessica Frascà is a St. Mike’s student who is double majoring in Architecture and Art History with a minor in Italian Studies. She is a Residence Don at St. Michael’s College and is part of Hart House Camera Club.