USMC Welcomes New Director of Communications

Laurie Morris — an accomplished communications professional — to take on role


 On January 18, 2019, the University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) appointed Laurie Morris as the new Director of Communications. A press veteran whose designation will be effective February 19, 2019, Morris has over 20 years of experience within media and the inner workings of university institutions. She holds over 14 years of professional expertise within director level postings including the Associated Press — which makes her ideal for USMC’s vision.

 Morris’ prior appointment was at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, where she handled the institution’s identity as an “engaged university,” as well as managed its communications strategy. Her time spent within an ever-changing fast-paced news environment will aid her in structuring USMC’s communications in line with its values and partnership with the University of Toronto (U of T).

In light of USMC’s new directorship and reconstruction of the college’s public spaces, Morris finds the establishment at a time of renewed importance and reinvention. She will work internally amongst USMC staff and will be maintaining the external relations with partners and associates at the university.

There has been a press release issued by USMC with statements from both President David Sylvester as well as Director Morris herself. Sylvester highlights how Morris’ “collegiate experience will be invaluable as she leads us forward in telling the story of our community in partnership with the University of Toronto, the Toronto School of Theology, and our community partners.”

Morris has also released a few words within two separate press statements of the manner in which she looks forward to working within a principled institution such as USMC. She reveres “USMC’s passion for higher purpose” which she states facilitates an environment that prioritizes working toward the common good. As the new Director of Communications, Morris’ duties will consist heading USMC’s communications policy, public relations image, and be the point of contact for media outlets. 

The Mike has reached out to Laurie Morris for a statement.