Kelly’s Korner, or St. Mike’s Got Talent

Kelly’s Korner, or St. Mike’s Got Talent

“Go for the free food, stay for the experience”


Image: SMCSU 

As a broke university student, I am constantly looking for ways to get free food — so in all honesty I wouldn’t probably have gone to Thursday evening’s Kelly’s Korner if it weren’t for the tasty (and free!) Pizza Nova slices. I wasn’t expecting to see anything out of the ordinary — just a couple of students singing and some first-years taking advantage of the free food, myself included. As I was grabbing a slice of cheese pizza from one of the Coop’s tables, a familiar tune started playing onstage. It was the song “Shallow,” presented by Paige and Camille from Fisher House. I had seen the girls around the University of St. Michael’s College (USMC) a few times, but seeing them on stage completely changed my perspective of student talent on campus. Sometimes I forget that the University of Toronto selects “some of the best students around the world,” as my high school guidance counselor used to say.

I stayed for a while, thinking of going onstage. However, after seeing a couple performances I was thoroughly intimidated by the singers’ and musicians’ talent. I ended up singing a Mexican classic, along with several other duets — a nice break from schoolwork and midterms, I’d say! It was a great night, especially because I got to see the other side of my peers at St. Mike’s through witnessing their impressive skills and powerful voices that often go unheard. You may hear these people practicing in their rooms in residence, or even in the shower (a personal favourite), but Kelly’s Korner really brings all the good stuff together. You think you’re bad at singing? That’s cool, most of us are. In Kelly’s Korner every student is welcome, the only requisite is that you have fun.

 So far,the  St. Michael’s College Student Union in coordination with other student groups have done a great job bringing people together. Kelly’s Korner is a St. Michael’s College tradition for a reason — it keeps building our community. After all, it is part of an unforgettable university experience, and even more so when your friends are around you. Try a USMC event like the upcoming St. Mike’s Film Night (on March 19 from 7 to 9 p.m.) or the next Kelly’s Korner and you’ll see the community that I am talking about. Whenever I speak with alumni, they tell me about their golden years at St. Mike’s and how these traditions were especially meaningful. St. Mike’s has become home for so many students — let it become home for you as well.

As for me, I really enjoyed the pepperoni pizza, but I enjoyed when everyone lost their minds singing “Mr. Brightside” even more. I guess being broke isn’t all that bad — it gives you opportunities to meet new people and learn new things. “Go for the free food, stay for the experience,” is my new motto.