2020 Fall Fashion Trends

2020 Fall Fashion Trends

Illustration Credit: Amal Khan, Illustrations Editor

7 trends to help inspire your wardrobe

Victoria Marinelli, The Mike Contributor

I have to be honest, when the world shut down in March online shopping became my go-to daily activity in between classes and Zoom calls.  As we continue to navigate the world of online learning and socially distanced gatherings, we may as well look fashionable doing it, right?

Here are 7 fall fashion trends to inspire and/or add to your wardrobe. Happy shopping!

  1. Bright colours are just one of the shocking trends this fall.  Marigold, rust, and chartreuse are just some of the colours that have become quite popular this season.  In the mist of these uncertain times, why not incorporate an eye catching colour into your outfit?  
  2. Blazers have long been a fall staple, but this year the cropped look very in style.  Try combining two fashion trends in one, and incorporate a brightly coloured cropped blazer into your look for a business casual, put-together look! 
  3. One outfit: three fashion trends. Not only does an outfit like this combine colour and cropped blazers, but also fulfills the new trend of skirt suits.  As Elle Magazine puts it, “What the tailored shorts suit is for spring, the skirted version is for fall.” These suits are cute and versatile.  Hitting a new brunch patio?  Skirt suit.  In person job interview?  Skirt suit.  Just want to look trendy?  Skirt suit.
  4. Cropped blazers aren’t the only way to bring some colour into your outfit.  Faux-leather gloves are a popular and practical fashion trend this fall– they’re cozy, chic, and guaranteed to keep your hands warm!
  5. One of my favourite trends for this fall is capes. There’s just something about them that exhumes “old-fashioned elegance” but in a contemporary way. I’ve found my favourite cape trends at Zara. Try pairing it with the chic gloves above, black pumps, and tie the outfit together by matching a mask to your gloves!  
  6. Want to incorporate a fall fashion colour, but blazers and faux-leather aren’t your thing?  You’re in luck, because there’s another option that Elle Magazine calls “Shag”.  Shag is faux-fur and fluffy accent pieces, whether it be a jacket, sandals, or purse.  For those who are more daring, try a shag jacket to keep you warm this autumn season. It’s chic, and totally different, but in a good way. 
  7. This fall, faux-leather has extended beyond just gloves and jackets to include skirts as well.  It is a bit different but definitely has potential.  For the perfect fall look, try a longer mid-length skirt paired with a comfy sweater and sneakers for a casual fall look.