2022 Bed Race Predictions

2022 Bed Race Predictions

Why St. Mike’s is guaranteed to win again

Alessia Baptista, Editor-in-Chief

The Bed Races are an annual event hosted by the U of T Faculty of Engineering’s Blue and Gold Society, in which teams from various colleges race carts down a cobblestone road. 

Bed Races at U of T are pure chaos, and this makes them the perfect way to end Orientation Week. How do they work? Someone sits inside of a cart, and four people push this cart along King’s College Road, which is 840 metres long. Students line up on either side of the road, cheering on their college and watching madness ensue. 

Historically, Bed Races were invented in 1966 by the Knaresborough Round Table in an effort to raise funds for a charity event. Today, that English town continues this tradition by holding Bed Races on the second Saturday in June. 

According to Skulepedia, the Engineering Society’s website, U of T’s Bed Race standings are only dated as far back as 2002. And, as you can see, St. Mike’s is a frequent Bed Race champion. Granted, not many colleges participate in the event, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that USMC wins every year and — in all likelihood — will be the reigning champs for 2022. 

For the first time in two years, the Blue and Gold Society has announced that they are bringing back the longtime tradition, and St. Mike’s is ready to bring the Bed Races trophy to its rightful home for a post-pandemic celebration. Typically, USMC has 2 teams: one for staff and one for orientees, so that everyone can experience the joy of sprinting along a cobblestone road and exhibiting USMC spirit. 

Looking to participate in Bed Races at USMC this year? St. Mike’s Bed Race tryouts will take place on September 5th at 3 pm along Elmsley Lane on St. Mike’s campus. Bed Races themselves occur on September 8th. Make sure you’re a part of the chaos and show your USMC spirit by attending!