Goodbye Bulky Winter Sweaters, Hello Spring Outfit Essentials

Goodbye Bulky Winter Sweaters, Hello Spring Outfit Essentials

Photo Credit: Angelin Thipahar, Illustrations Editor

Spring into this season with 10 wardrobe staples

Lana Kamal, Associate Lifestyle Editor

With spring coming up, and the weather becoming warmer, it’s important to easily transition from sulky and bulky to bright and light. Here are the top 10 absolute spring clothing essentials to make your transition period from winter to spring even better!

  1.  A stylish trench coat

While we all love our big winter jackets, with spring already coming in, trench coats make the perfect on the go jacket to keep you both warm and stylish for the spring. They also come in a variety of neutral colours that makes pairing it with outfits that much easier. 

  1. Satin dress

This past year, satin dresses have been all the rage! Spring is known for its bright and fun colours and satin dresses make a great way to incorporate them. Satin dresses also can be easily styled. For example, go with a sweater over top and Doc Martins for shoes. This is one of many ways this dress could be mixed and matched!

  1. Blazers

Blazers are a great way to mix up a simple outfit and can be paired with anything. Transitioning from winter to spring means transitioning from a winter coat to a more lightweight coat to keep you both warm and stylish. Blazers can be neutral or even act as a pop of color too!

  1. Sweater vest

When transitioning to spring, sweater vests are a great staple to have because of their diverse and infinite ways to be styled. They can be paired with a button down to dress it preppy and even be incorporated in layering with t- shirts, long sleeves, and in any general way given the unpredictable weather in this transition period! Sweater vests can also be so versatile in their various assortment of colours and patterns which is what spring is all about. 

  1. ‘90s rectangle sunglasses

With spring on the rise, so is the sun! A great addition to any outfit is a pair of sunnies. One of the trendiest styles is the ‘90s rectangle sunglasses. These come in a variety of colours and can be found in almost any clothing store’s accessory section! My black ‘90s sunnies are one of my must-have essentials for a day out on campus. They are not only stylish but useful too!

  1. Plaid skirts

Now that winter is transitioning into spring, skirts can finally be reincorporated into our wardrobe. Skirts are a way to add that trendy, preppy style in your day-to-day wardrobe. Like everything in spring, we are here for colour, and this can be seen through skirts that are both colourful and preppy! 

  1. Year-round straight leg jeans

In all seasons, straight leg jeans are a closet staple and are way more comfortable than the typical skinny jeans. This spring it’s all about comfort and style. It’s important to have closet staples that are year-round, and this includes light wash straight leg jeans. Not to mention they can be styled with absolutely anything–they can be paired with cardigans, button ups,  including sweaters, hoodies, and literally any top! 

  1. Platform sneakers  

Something exciting about spring is putting away your snow and fall boots and pulling out your sneakers. I personally love platform sneakers; they simply add a touch to your outfit, taking it to new heights (literally)! I highly recommend you get them!

  1. Baguette bags 

These bags are a Y2K favourite in my opinion. They are an absolute throwback, putting your outfit on a whole other level. They also come in a variety of fun colours and shapes making them that much more fun!

  1. Faux leather ANYTHING

Faux leather has been an absolute go-to for me, especially when it comes to blazers and pants. A great spring look for a night out are flared leather pants with a bodysuit and blazer. You can never go wrong with leather!

Get out of the winter funk by adding these top 10 essentials to your wardrobe and say hello to spring!