A Message From Your Junior Windrose Editor 

A Message From Your Junior Windrose Editor 

Photo Credit: Rosie McDonald

Why you should check out St. Michael’s College’s student yearbook 

Rosie McDonald, Copy Editor 

We, the students of St. Michael’s College, are notoriously proud of our college. So it is no surprise that our predecessors have been producing a student yearbook for over 100 years! The college yearbook has gone through many name changes through the generations, starting as simply “The Yearbook,” then becoming The Thurible, Keystone, and The Sword. Currently, the St. Mike’s yearbook is The Windrose, named after a medieval cartographer’s tool designating the source of winds and, symbolically, a guiding star. For many, St. Mike’s is a guiding star through an uncertain and ever-changing time in their lives. The Windrose thus is a very fitting title, as after students have found success, they can look back and remember St. Michael’s College leading them, being their guiding star: their Windrose.  

The Windrose is not just a yearbook, but a time capsule. It includes not only photos of our beloved staff and student leaders, but also photos of you. The Windrose dedicates entire sections to St. Mike’s clubs and teams, as well as major events, including orientation and the upcoming SMCSU formal. The years at St. Mike’s are memorable ones, and The Windrose encapsulates all those memories in a unique and beautiful keepsake.   

To get an idea of what The Windrose has to offer, check out old editions of the yearbook — as The Windrose or under its previous names — at www.archive.org. By simply searching “St.  Michael’s College” one will find capsules of time gone by; a yearbook that has and will always be by St. Mike’s students, for St. Mike’s students. Sales for this year’s yearbook will begin in March, so be on the lookout to own your piece of your college’s history.