Blast From the Past: Reviving Old Fashioned Beauty!

Blast From the Past: Reviving Old Fashioned Beauty!

Photo Credit: Arba Bardhi

The comeback of your favourite old beauty trends

Karen Maktabi, Contributor

We’ve avoided this topic for far too long, it’s all over your TikTok For You Page, and it’s plastered across your Instagram feed: Old Fashioned Trends. What goes around eventually comes around, as these trends are back and they’re here to stay. Sorry, I don’t make the rules! 

  1. Thin Eyebrows. Yeah, you’ve seen the filter on TikTok. Tempting isn’t it? Ditch those thick brows, and go for a 90’s Pam Anderson look. Trust me, you won’t regret it later at all
  1. Low-Waisted Jeans. You knew it was coming; it is practically unavoidable. Yes, low-rise jeans are coming back. Everyone throw your sweatpants away! I promise you don’t need a skinny body to pull it off. Use them as an excuse to show off those curves!
  1. Frosted Blue Eyeshadow. Listen, I know it may not be your colour, or it doesn’t compliment your features, but 90’s shimmery blue eyeshadow is making a comeback, whether we like it or not. And I promise, it’s worth a try! Hear me out, a little bit on the inner corners, maybe some on the lower lash line? Only if you’re feeling brave. Start small, and you never know, you might just love it!
  1. Tracksuits. Those 2000s iconic sets are back in line for the fashion wagon. The velvety feel, the limitless colours… It’s not a want, it’s a need. I’m sorry, but comfortable, practical, and fashionable?! Count me in. 
  1. Round Framed Glasses. These are a given. Circular glasses have been slowly but steadily making their way back onto the market for some years now. The 70’s fashion staple is marking its return to style, and we’re not mad about it! If John Lennon and Jennifer Anniston once rocked it, you can too.
  1. Plastic Bangles. Did I save the best one for last? Maybe. Plastic bangles are a hit or miss, really. However, the 80’s plastic bracelets need to return: think of the colours, the designs, and the stacking ability! How many do you think you could fit on one arm without seeming too ridiculous? They’re lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. I got you, already one less thing to worry about during this inflation.