Bold and Brash Does NOT Belong in the Trash 

Bold and Brash Does NOT Belong in the Trash 

Illustration Credit: Arba Bardhi

A modern art review of Squidward Tentacles’ underappreciated work 

Caroline Switkowski, Associate Arts Editor 

Squidward Tentacles is the most misunderstood artist of this century; his tortured soul must endure the stupidity of those around him instead of basking in appreciation for his talent. Squidward is no stranger to the arts. As an AMAZING clarinet player and an even better painter, he has produced sound waves in the world of creativity.  

Now, critics who once scoffed at Squidward’s artistic endeavors are eating their words as “Bold and Brash” gains recognition for its avant-garde approach for the first time ever in The Mock. The painting, characterized by its vibrant colours and abstract shapes, challenges traditional notions of beauty and artistry, presenting Mr. Tentacles as separate from his environment. The pure emotion and desperation this piece depicts is nothing short of genius. It is no surprise that current art historians describe the piece as “a daring exploration of form and emotion,” noting how Squidward’s use of bold strokes and unconventional composition creates a sense of raw authenticity rarely seen in contemporary art. 

Fans of Squidward, including yours truly, have long been ridiculed for their admiration of “Bold and Brash.” Now, we stand vindicated as art collectors clamour to add the piece to their collections. Auction houses are reporting record-breaking bids for the once-dismissed masterpiece, with one buyer stating, “I never knew Squidward had such a profound understanding of art. ‘Bold and Brash’ speaks to me on a deep, emotional level.” 

In a world where art is often judged by its conformity to established norms, “Bold and Brash” stands as a rebellious testament to the beauty of breaking the rules. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and for those who see the brilliance in Squidward’s work, “Bold and Brash” is nothing short of a masterpiece. So, dear readers, please consider that Bold and Brash does not belong in the trash, but at your local art gallery.