My Favorite Horror Movies 

My Favorite Horror Movies 

Illustration Credit: Arba Bardhi

Be prepared to lie awake at night. These are all ingrained in me forever. 

Darian Trabold, Managing Editor 

When opening TikTok, I just love seeing edits of all my favorite horror movies using songs by Phoebe Bridgers. Best way to ruin my day. Whether one likes a psychological thriller or just a plain scary movie, this list has something for everyone. After watching these, prepare not to function properly for at least two weeks.  

  1. Normal People 

Where do I even start? I thought college would be like it was for Marianne, but instead it was more like Connell’s experience. The lack of communication between the two made me want to pull my hair out, and then drive to the woods and scream. Our friend Paul Mescal will make another appearance on this list, making him the best horror movie actor of this generation. 

  1. Fleabag 

Never, and I mean never, use the phrase “It’ll pass” in front of me. Even writing that sentence strikes fear and pain in my heart. For such a short series it really packs a punch. If you want a psychological thriller about girlhood, priests, and guinea pigs, this is for you. 

  1. Atonement 

This is the scariest war movie out there. There is you before watching Atonement and you after watching Atonement. You can never be the same after. No plot twist could ever top this one. Young Saoirse Ronan is the villain of all villains in this film, but so is Benedict Cumberbatch. There’s just so much horror. This movie will traumatize you.  

  1. One Day 

So glad I stopped watching after episode 12. 

  1. Aftersun 

The king of the horror movie, Paul Mescal, is back to scare us again, but this time as a father. I can never go on vacation again. 

  1. Lady Bird 

There is just something about Irish actors and causing me pain. Greta Gerwig proves her versatility: not only can she direct Barbie, but she can also ruin my life. My mom decided to watch this on a plane, despite my telling her not to. To this day, this is one of her biggest regrets. 

  1. The Holdovers 

Who said Christmas movies can’t be scary? Within the first ten minutes, I was sobbing out of sheer fear. This movie gave me literal chills. As Ayo Edebiri put it, “Frightening New England representation!” 

  1. La La Land 

My roommate made me include this. I guess Emma Stone joining Ryan Gosling singing “I’m Just Ken” momentarily shocked a lot of people and reminded them of this movie. Who knew a musical could be the source of so much fear?