The Masculinity Mask

"North American society has carved out an image of the quintessential ‘man’ that many of us strive, consciously or unconsciously, to live up to, often at the cost of our own health."

"Familiar with plenty of Canadian bands that either compromised or ignored their heritage only to end up as cheap imitations of the latest American groups, it’s hard to stress how refreshing it was to hear a rock band be so un-abashedly Canadian."

"The goal was to make that stranger a friend and fellow labourer in higher education. All this I saw in Fr. Mario’s life and outlook: his life was shaped by discipline, goodness, and knowledge to welcome both Catholics and non-Catholics to the conversations he thought were important."

Your Ultimate U of T Survival Guide

"Number 4: In lecture, sit close to the front... I like to get to all of my lectures 15–20 minutes early and sit in the front row for three reasons: 1) I have terrible eyesight; 2) I tend to fall asleep easily, so I find that the more exposed I am to the potential of extreme shame and guilt, the less likely I am to do this; and 3) the fewer people there are in front of me, the lower my chances of getting distracted by students who choose to browse cakes on Pinterest or read Buzzfeed listicles (come to think of it, not unlike this one) during class."

Your New Favourite Literary Journal

"We’re learning. But we are being built in and for a digital environment — print is an ideal end goal for us, but it’s a “nice to have.” Our structure is going to be built into the current literary landscape, and we’re paying attention to the magazines around us that we respect.

What Riverdale Gets Right

"It’s almost like Riverdale’s screenwriters are trying to pay respect to generations of Archie Comics and their multitudinous fans whilst simultaneously introducing a fresher, murkier, more realistic take on this world, thereby attracting a younger fan base: “Out with the old, in with the new.” Although the episode resolves its conflict with a clear win for the Lodges — and by extension, for the present — the show itself remains on the fence about this tension. This sentiment is well captured when Jughead says, “The drive-in closing is the last nail in the coffin known as the American dream,” while comfortably enjoying his favourite cheeseburger at Pop Tate’s."

How to Flatten the World

"It makes sense that we would simplify and label the world this way. It helps us better understand the contrasting/opposing/complex ideas that exist. The way we use this simplification can be seen through our portrayal of our physical world: the way continents appear on a traditional world map is not how our world looks from space, instead, the lines of the continents on a map are straightened out and flattened to make the re-creation easier to grasp."

OutKast: The Great American Band?

"Their southernness gave them deep sonic and personal roots to the delta blues, P-Funk, soul music that is entrenched in both their sound and personal histories. But they were also foreign, unattached beings that floated above it all, as they tried to free themselves from the cosmic forces that determined their birth. On top of it all, they were also accomplished rappers, two under one identity. While rappers are, historically, hyper-masculine figures with dominant, uncompromising personalities, Andre and Big Boi did their best to dissolve into a shared existence on their records."

Beating a Dead Horse

"The Grammys are an imperfect system, but they can be fixed. They can be brought back to their roots and supposed intention: to award and recognize the most important, influential, and well-made contemporary music. They can be redeemed."

Colourful Resistance

"I was 16 and barely aware of what it really meant to be a Muslim in this world; I wasn’t even sure what it meant to be a Muslim religiously — after all, I was born into it. What I did learn about Islam that day however, was that it is a label. As soon as the group found out, it became a label, a label stapled on my forehead, as obvious as my brown hair and olive skin."

Snake Oil For the Internet Age

"I mean, he’s certainly an authentic quack — Wolfe has said some pretty preposterous stuff, including: “Chocolate lines up planetarily with the sun…  Chocolate is an octave of sun energy…  In fact, it’s the energy of the center of the sun.” Seriously. You can’t write this stuff. To top it all off, he even claims that the Earth is “optically flat.” Just let that wash over you."

Considering What's At Steak

"Even though Post and his team claim that it is 4-5 years years before synthetic meat might be on the market, maybe we ought to start truly weighing the possibility. Perhaps, in the process of giving it a chance, we’ll discover that synthetic, lab-grown steak can save us all."

Beyond Appearances

"Beauty has no standard, as it cannot be judged objectively — what one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another. Upholding a particular standard of beauty becomes a way for society to assign value to people, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance is not a guide to character."

When The Mind Turns

"Cadie alludes to having felt a basic disconnect during her full-blown manic episode. Imagine this: all of a sudden, everyone around you starts reacting in ways that don’t quite seem to line up with the way you feel you’re acting. Only, in this case, your brain — for most of us, a refuge or asset in situations like this — Is neither. You’ve lost the reins and yet remain subject to the whims of your thoughts and feelings. Everything seems really exciting and you feel good. On some level, you recognize that there’s a problem, but you lack the capacity to identify it. You know something’s wrong, but you can’t quite put your finger on what, and are powerless to do anything about it."

22, A Million

"Some bands suffer from the infamous “sophomore slump,” and release a comparatively weak second album after their creative juices have prematurely dried, perhaps the result of immense pressure to live up to their previous greatness while the eyes of the music world are suddenly upon them: not so for Bon Iver, who's second album has earned universal acclaim."

Becoming Hip

"A Native performer dripping in sweat whilst playing a harmonious tune on the flute, dancers decorated in exotic costumes handing out flyers, a crowd of people bouncing to the simultaneous beat of drums and Latin music — was this a dream?"