The Coop: Brennan 2.0

In the case of the University of St. Michael’s College (USMC), most students would state that their haven away from class is none other than Brennan Lounge.

The Science of Love

"The issue is: people hypothesize first and experiment last. Now, in science this is okay, but not in relationships. People hypothesize that because of their targeted dates’ attractive looks, they’ll be great boyfriends or girlfriends. However, they don’t first experiment in the sense that they first get to know their partners and see if their characters or interests are similar."

Bringing Fair Trade to Your Daily Grind

"Fair trade works to support coffee farmers and communities, while concurrently reducing the negative environmental impact. You can help by visiting an establishment that supports fair trade next time you need your caffeine fix."

Stripping Student Autonomy

"A student’s inability to “engage,” however, is a malleable justification that can give university administrators an opportunity to exercise huge ableist policy abuses. Many manifestations of mental illness can fall into such justifications."

Hark! A New Year Bell is Ringing

"Every time we come to the end of something, especially something that goes over a long period of time, we can’t help but look back at how that something went. At the end of an academic year, a theatrical rehearsal schedule for a completed show, birthdays, etc., we always look back to see what has been accomplished in its own relevant way."

Buckingham Palace: Renovated

"Through their relationship, what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bring to the attitudes and values of the Royal Family is ultimately characterized through diminishing the presence of rigidity in royal conventions and norms."

Logan Paul’s Daily Vlogs take a Deadly Turn

"December 31, 2017, well-known Youtube superstar Logan Paul released one of the most controversial videos of the year. Logan uploaded a video of himself at Aokigahara, or the “Suicide Forest,” a forest in Japan where many people have decided to end their lives."

Some Encouragement from the Other Side

"Here’s the thing though — most of you will be similarly fortunate. (And if you pay attention to those email blasts you’ve been ignoring, opportunity might even knock sooner than you expect.) Whenever I talk about my great new job with my family, my boss, former professors, they say the same thing when I tell them how lucky I was: “You worked hard for this.”"

The Shame of "Walk of Shame"

"I thought that perhaps, before starting on this article, I should look at what some of the reviews were like, and this tidbit caught my eye: “Watching the redoubtable Elizabeth Banks try to breathe life into the stillborn farce Walk of Shame is like watching a team of paramedics perform CPR on the corpse of Ulysses S. Grant.”"

A New Hope

"Queer identities have largely been ignored at USMC, and there has been little in the way of organized community support. An action of this kind is past due, especially if SMCSU and the USMC community at large is to establish itself as an inclusive community."

No Dough, No Show

"With this scheduling delay, clubs are currently forced to operate without knowledge of their real budgets. Only organizations with student levies are able to fully flesh out their plans for the year with their own funds. The rest, on the other hand, must rely on the union’s allocation of student resources."

One Who Shows the Way

"The leadership exchange program, a three-year brain child of Sarah Memme and Samantha Hartlen of the University of Toronto Leadership Programs, spanned three days during Reading Week."

Jagmeet Singh: A New Chapter

"His position as a young person of colour from the GTA gives him the ability to appeal to demographics the NDP has had trouble appealing to before. Not only can he become a strong voice for the downtown core and the GTA, but he also has the ability to appeal to immigrant communities with his ideals surrounding equality and inclusion."

In Defense of the Hudson Settlement

"The fact that [the UTSU] could recover a portion of overtime fees is better than nothing. The lawsuit was a cumbersome obstacle that had plagued the UTSU for far too long. Getting rid of it frees the incumbent student union to focus on actual policies rather than wasting it on a risky expedition."

Why the OPSEU Strike is 100 Times Worse Than A CUPE Strike

"The Ontario college strike is history in the making. It has affected 12,000 faculty and 500,000 students across the Ontario college system, making it one of the largest strikes in the Ontario post-secondary system history. It may also be the longest, given OPSEU’s strained relationship with CEC coupled by the provincial government’s unwillingness to intervene anytime soon."

Accessible, Centralized Sports

"Since the deadline for sign-ups is out of St. Mike’s hands, we need to be proactive about informing our student body before the sign-up date. Additionally, there needs to be a central location where anybody can inquire about intramurals. It’s extremely inefficient and frustrating for a student to be directed toward a chain of three different emails before finding someone who is knowledgeable about the sport they are interested in."