What is clear and unfortunate however is that the SMCSU has a major image problem. In no small part, this is due to the despicable actions of many (though definitely not all) previous SMCSU members over the course of the past “six plus years,” from those who participated actively in the corruption to those who acted as bystanders. 

Travelling is important, not because of the fancy commercial aspects of it, but for the simplest most genuine moments where you laugh your heart out at a joke that was said in a different language, and yet you somehow still got it.

The Value of O-Week

"Personally, through past years in education, I have never felt a real sense of pride about the schools I attended. Until now. Here at the University of Toronto, I can surely say I am a proud Varsity Blue."

Welcome to St. Mike’s

"The people you can meet through any extracurricular, even it isn’t working for this lovely paper, will benefit your university experience in ways you can’t even imagine yet and that I can barely explain."

Urgent Questions Regarding the New SMCSU

"Then, of course, on top of everything else, lies the question of what all this might mean for USMC students who aren’t Catholic. A very large amount of USMC students are not Catholic. Will these students be marginalized by the new SMCSU? Or even worse, have they already been through the formation of groups like the almost entirely Catholic “Re-Imagining [Student Government] Committee”? The answer to this question is of vital importance to not only USMC students who aren’t Catholic, but also to all USMC students who are Catholic and hope to lay any legitimate claim to caring about USMC’s undeniably large non-Catholic student population."

The “Accessibility” in Accessibility Services

"According to a poster in the Accessibility Services Office, not even Convocation Hall (with all three stories of its table-less chairs) could accommodate seats for all of the students with disabilities on campus. And yet the university tries to accommodate these students with something like a dozen disability advisors."

Review: Ein-Steins on College Street

"You’re an expert on these tables, tables stained by the glory of great games and beers (mainly beers) over the years. Just like the bar, the tables are generous. The tables slope a little to the west, almost like they’re guiding your balls to the pockets. That generosity translates, as you impress your friends, your girlfriend, or your opponents with your spectacular ability to sink a ball despite having the cue-to-ball coordination of a five-year-old."

The Career of Your Life

"Your parents are your guides, but they are not you. They do not know the full extent of what you’re interested in, what you’re good at, what makes you happy, etc. You are the person that knows you best. Your parents can only give you advice based on what they see and what they’ve experienced in their own lives."

The Benefits of Discomfort

"The main goal of the law is to encourage Canadians to make informed decisions about their health and their eating habits. It forces Canadians to consider their caloric intake and the amount of food that they consume on a daily basis in respect to the norm."

The "Gender" Debate

"So, if gender is constructed by society, how is it possible for arguments that gender is based on sex to remain valid? Well, that is because arguments are, fundamentally, opinions. Gender is your opinion on femininity and masculinity, and everyone’s differs. For some, it may be based on genitals, for others, chromosomes."

Fact or Falsehood?

"Written to sound like pieces by reputable journals and formatted to appear factual, "fake news" works to pull in naïve readers and gain ad revenue from click-bait titles. Simply put, "fake news" deliberately publishes lies, often with the intention of convincing readers that they are facts. There is nothing honest about "fake news," it produces what some have affectionately called "alternative facts" and what most have called complete lies."

10 Facts About China

"Chinese people don’t say things like “thank you” unless they mean it. We don’t sugar coat things. (Unlike Canadians. I’m Canadian, and I know what I’m talking about!)" 

The Connection between Asian Parents and Marks

"It’s like saying, whatever happens in your family at home, everyone in your class should know about that too. That’s not right. And the exact same thing can be said about your exam marks. It’s personal, and it depends on a whole lot of backstory, and it only affects you."

A Second Diagnosis

"And although it’s been said time and time again, it’s still true that mental illness can be just as debilitating as a physical one. The only difference is that the world doesn’t treat it the same. Even the people who say they believe them to be the same don’t treat them as such. In fact, our country has free health care, but health care doesn’t include mental health, and it costs up to $2000 to get diagnosed. Just diagnosed." 

(Conspiracy) Theory 327

"Perhaps it is all part of some bigger plan. Some schools are well known for their bell curves; others are better known for their drop-out rates. Perhaps only a certain number of students can make it through the program, and the waves of assignments are designed to weed out the weak, to figure out which students can sink or swim."

The Curious Case of Prince’s Streaming Library

"Ethically speaking, listening to Prince’s music these last couple days has got me feeling a little uncomfortable. He lived his life with a set of beliefs and not selling his music digitally was a part of those beliefs. After his death, his apparently deeply held beliefs are forgone and his music is uploaded ASALP (As Soon As Legally Possible) by Universal and his estate."