Get Spooked!

Get Spooked!

Photo Credit: Carlos de Miguel

 Top six haunted houses in Toronto

Johanna Nunez, The Mike Contributor

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be planning your costume and wondering if trick-or-treating is still an acceptable activity for a university student (it totally is). If you’re looking for a more age-appropriate Halloween pastime, however, get thoroughly spooked in one of Toronto’s many haunted houses. Although some of them may be a little bit far from downtown, they are all worth the 30-minute TTC ride.

Halloween Haunt

Haunt is classic — end of story. Canada’s Wonderland offers one of the best haunted houses in Toronto during the seasonal “Halloween Haunt.” Even though the amusement park does not have any specific haunted house per se, simply visiting the park while it is entirely Halloween-themed still makes the cut. 

Legends of Horror 

The famous “Legends of Horror” in Casa Loma has earned a permanent place on this list. Despite the attraction being a little bit expensive (around $40 per person), it is an unbelievable experience. During Halloween, the manor becomes the home of iconic horror characters such as Dracula and the Phantom of the Opera. If you don’t mind being escorted by Frankenstein on a tour of one of Toronto’s largest manors, then this is the haunted house for you. 


You need to hurry up if you want to go to the Screemers haunted house at the Exhibition Place! Tickets are limited and in high demand. The Better Living Centre at Exhibition Place has been wholly revamped for Halloween, complete with all sorts of horror-themed activities, including well-crafted mazes and spooky live shows. Screemers is a proper haunted house experience that will definitely give you nightmares for weeks to come.

Gibson House Museum

Aren’t you a little bit curious about how paranormal activities took place during the mid-1800s? If you are, then the Gibson House Museum’s haunted house is your go-to attraction this Halloween. The museum turns into a paranormal activity exhibition every October, showcasing all demonic activity made during the Victorian era. You may even get to partake in a ritual designed to commune with the dead!

Martino Manor 

The seasonal Martino Manor haunted house can be found just a few steps away from the cheery Mamma Martino’s restaurant. The owner decorates with bloody dead bodies, zombies, and paranormal creatures. If you’re looking for something a little more dreadful you can take a walk through the outdoor maze!

George Brown House 

Last but not least, the Beverly Street Séance at the George Brown House. This underrated manor hosts one of the scariest (and therefore best) haunted houses in Toronto. This home, where the original owner was killed by his own employee, offers a unique and truly horrifying tour led by the mentalist James White. This is definitely not a haunted house you want to miss!

As you can see, Toronto has plenty of haunted houses, each one offering a completely different experience that will satisfy your craving for spooks!