Humans of St.Mike’s: Shameel Rajnath Chankar

Humans of St.Mike’s: Shameel Rajnath Chankar

Photo Credit: SMC

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Rosie McDonald, Copy Editor

What’s your name, program, and year of study?

Shameel Rajnath Chankar, Shamsham, Shammer, or Shamrock. 1st Year MA Geography student, completed an HBA in Human Geography and Urban Studies.

What’s your favourite thing about your program?

To be very honest, my favorite thing about my program is the department. The Department of Geography and Planning is one of the most thoughtful and welcoming faculties at UofT. Very personable, and they really do a great job in maintaining student-faculty relationships. They take high priority in ensuring that their students feel comfortable, happy, and do well within their degrees. Additionally, from professors to the admin, you can honestly feel how well rounded and connected everyone is and this provides you with a feeling of satisfaction. You can be sure that you can always turn to them for any help and or advice. Props to the GeoPlan department!

What’s your favourite thing about yourself?

My favorite thing about myself is my ability to be present. I think this quality of mine is very reflective in my role of Snr. Residence Don at St. Mikes. It has always been a quality that I enjoy abiding by even when I was a first time Residence Don. I am able to just be there and fill the room with lots of good vibes and great energy and once everyone is happy, I am happy! I just love being there in the moment, present within St. Mikes, my home away from home!

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I really wanted to be a doctor. More specifically a neurosurgeon but that was just for a brief phase of my life. Now, I want to be a practicing urban planner, and eventually teach within a University capacity!

If you could travel to one place for free, where would you go, for how long, and why?

I will go to England, to Manchester specifically for a year. Why? Because I love football and I love Manchester United and I will buy a season pass to watch all games of the season to see us win the league, and all the other trophies! GGMU!

What is your MBTI type, and does it accurately describe you?

ESFP—the entertainer. It does not accurately describe me but it mentions some of the qualities that I know I have. I am 100% extroverted! It’s a good quiz and yes, I can be an entertainer when I need to be. I also like to chill a lot and just keep it calm, cool, and collected. With regards to feelings and thinking, I’d say I combine both. It’s always nice to add feelings to your water. Am I assertive? I tend to be assertive in serious situations but other than that, don’t ask me what I want to eat or where I’d like to go for dinner because I will just end up staying at home or eating at the Dining Hall! I mean, what’s better than the Croom, right?