Monsters of St.Mike’s

Monsters of St.Mike’s

Photo Credit: Jonas Cardenas

Do you really know who’s hiding behind St. Mike’s walls? 

Stefanie Menezes, Lifestyle Editor 

The library appears deserted, but as per the vampire-turned-human’s tip, I know the trouble waits on the other end of the staircase… and sure enough, on the second floor, a long string of cloth leads around the corner. The trail leads me into a study room barren of tables or chairs, furnished with only a giant golden sarcophagus. Though I know no good or holy beast lies within, I must finish my mission. Just as I peek over the corner, the figure — a large creature wrapped in strips of deteriorating linen — sits up, sending a wave of dust and dirt into the air. An arm reaches toward me, and as pieces of fabric peel away, I see the creature’s decomposing skin. Though the monster is fast, I am now experienced: I snap a picture before it reaches me, and both the creature and sarcophagus are replaced with another familiar face, and thankfully one that is willing to share his Halloween tale. 

Q. What is your name, year, and major? 

A. Jonas Cardenas. Third year. Double majors in Christianity and Culture and Political Science. 

Q. What is the scariest thing you have learned in one of your classes? 

A. That St. Mike’s doesn’t have a rice cooker. It’s not a scary fact, but we should seriously consider getting one. 

Q. What is your favourite candy you received while trick-or-treating as a child? 

A. My favourite candy I received as a kid was Coffee Crisp. 

Q. What character or role would you play in a horror movie? 

A. The guy who unintentionally gets everyone killed. 

Q. What creature would you not want to run into in a dark forest? 

A. Slender Man. 

Q. Would you spend the night in a haunted house? 

A. Yes, with good friends. 

Q. What is the coolest or strangest Halloween costume you have ever seen? 

A. A creative costume I’ve seen is a friend dressed as Clark Kent and Superman in tandem. 

That concludes our quest to find, record, and rescue the students of St. Mike’s from the sinister powers that emerge on Halloween. We cannot know how many more creatures roam our college in the guise of classmates and friends, but I can advise you of one thing with great certainty: if you see any of the students we crossed paths with on our journey this Halloween… say hello. Outside of their monster mutations, they are quite nice people.